Fur, Fins, Feathers, Flowers & Fun at Soldotna Creek Park

Happy campers rain or shine at Soldotna Creek Park as the science of the Kenai River becomes fun and games for kids under the tutelage Kenai Water Shed Forum (KWF) education director Dan “The fin fan man” Pascucci. “Summer camp is full of kinds of great, exciting things as we get outside as much as we can but if we get rained out we have a great spacious yurt with a river side and a forest side and inside fun goes on!” said Pascucci in an interview with the Dispatch. “The Kenai Watershed Forum is happy to offer Fur, Fins, Feathers, Flowers, and Fun at Soldotna Creek Park. A great way for your child to spend a summer day exploring the banks of Soldotna Creek and searching for aquatic insects, flipping over logs in search of decomposition in action, or playing in a forest pretending to be a predator on the hunt? Every week is a good time to be outside learning more about the environment,” said Pascucci.

Each week long session includes games, crafts, lessons, songs, and most importantly lots and lots of fun he says. “Participants benefit from spending time outside with new friends exploring rivers and forests on the Kenai Peninsula.”

Space is still available according to Pascucci and to learn more you can call KWF at 907-260-5449 or on line at kenaiwatershed.org and follow the registration links to register on line.

Scholarships are also available, “The community has been very generous as far as funding and allowing us to use this wonderful Soldotna Creek Park facility, it’s really special for us to be part of the community that supports us,” added Pascucci.