Home Gallery has great Grand Opening

Much of the furniture that has made our houses our homes on the Peninsula has come from Lee Cassel who for more than four decades ran Décor Furniture in Kenai. Chances are Lee will even remember selling you that leather recliner you love so much. Quality furniture that is being passed down to the next generation and items that have become heirlooms. Well, Lee is back with his lovely wife Dee at a new location that once housed Nordstrom’s and most recently Sears in the Kenai Mall. The 20,000 sq. ft. of floor space is now the home of Lee and Dee Cassel’s “Home Gallery” a fine furniture store that specializes in one of a kind pieces and above all customer satisfaction. “If we sell you an item we don’t replace it with another just like it, we replace it with something different and unique, that way you won’t see a chair of sofa just like the one you buy over at your neighbors or anywhere on the Peninsula,” explained Dee.

Friday the 13th was a very lucky day for the grand opening of the new Home Gallery as many of Lee’s old friends and customers stopped by to wish him well and see the wide array of Made in the U.S.A furnishings on display while sampling gourmet horderves “I really like the people of this community and my wife inspired me to get back in business where the two of us could work together and this was a great location and an opportunity to meet a need in Kenai,” Lee told the Dispatch. “We have a grand time here, we laugh we play we have two great guys on our staff and they are part of our family now too,” said Dee.

Home Gallery touches on a wide variety of different concepts from modern to traditional furnishings, “We have more items coming in every week which gives folks a lot to look at, dream about and see in the store, we love stirring the imagination of those who come to the store. Craftsmanship is my first priority when finding merchandise, I built my reputation on quality, I appreciate quality made items and I think our customers do too and that’s why they are able to pass down items from generation to generation because they are quality made in America furnishings,” said Lee.

It didn’t take long for the first dollar to be framed at the grand opening celebration. The first customer was Tyler Davis, Kenai Wells Fargo branch manager who bought a love seat and couch for his wife. Grand opening specials featured 25% - 33% off and will continue through the month June. “We want people to enjoy what we have and be able to afford quality made in America furniture for their homes. We handpick every item and are motivated by customer opinions. No matter what piece people walk out of the store with, it will be one-of-a-kind on the Kenai Peninsula,” Dee proudly said. “We were happy to have the rep here from England Furniture, a made in America, high quality line that is produced in Tennessee join us during the grand opening and we appreciate everyone that came by to wish us well and welcome us back. Everyone who didn’t make we look forward to greeting you during the month of June and we hope you see something you like. Service and building a relationship with our customers has always been my top priority,” said Lee.