Candlelight vigil holds hope for Adam's family

With almost three months having passed since Rebecca Adam’s family of four mysteriously disappeared from their home in Kenai a candlelight vigil was held last week to remember and strengthen resolve to find clues to what might have happened. About 40 friends and family gathered at the Kenai New Life Assembly of God Church to share their commitment to find closure and resolution to the disappearance. “No one is giving up hope,” said Dennis Gifford, Rebecca Adam’s uncle, “We continue to believe we are going to find them and the reason we chose this day for the vigil is that it’s the day before the beginning of moose season when many people will be going out into the woods hunting and we want to get the word out that if any one sees anything that might be a clue or anything that looks out of place or suspicious in any way we urge them to get in touch with the Kenai Police Department,” said Gifford.

Up until now no clues or witnesses have been found according to Gifford, “The area that has been searched is incredible it’s been a huge effort and nothing has been found. The FBI agents have expressed the same concerns and frustrations understanding how this could happened with no clues to trace. They have checked every scenario or possibility and have not been able to come up with any idea of what might have happened. They have just vanished. The agencies and the community have truly been outstanding in their efforts. Three weeks ago someone saw a dog that looked similar to the family’s dog at Walmart and they took the dog to the Kenai Police Department and it turned out not to be their dog, but it reaffirms our faith in the community that folks are still looking and still out there thinking about it,” he said.

After sharing friends and relative of the family made a circle outside the church and lit candles and observed three minutes of silence, one minute for each month the family has been missing.