As the age of electronic obsolescence of gadgetry continues to propel us into the 21st century so does the need to recycle and reclaim the resources used in their production. For 25 years a volunteer organization known as Re*Group has been a stellar job of motivating and informing residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough about recycling. Saturday, November 21st Re*Group held another Electronics Recycle Event at the Central Peninsula landfill with the assistance of about a dozen volunteers. Thanks to Re*Group and a generous donation from Dr. Bote all household items and most from businesses and non-profits were free. “With the rapid advancement of technology everyone is upgrading more frequently. Especially phones which are one of the more valuable recyclable items. A recycler may make five to seven dollars out of each one,” explained Derek Marcorelle, Re*Group president. According to Marcorelle the volume of recycled electronics has not been increasing, “This is our third year where we have offered a completely free recycling program and I think a lot of the folks that had electronic items sitting around that they wanted to recycle have already cleaned out their closets and garages and we have received about half here today what we have had the last couple years,” he said.

Some of the volunteers were high school students form Kenai High working on their Caring for the Kenai projects, “I’m putting together a project to help make recycling of electronics easier for folks. I’m gaining a lot of hands on experience here today getting ideas to fine tune my project while helping people work together to make our community a better place it’s fun,” said John, a KCHS sophomore.

Re*Group also uses volunteers to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and compostable waste at major summer events such as the Kenai River Festival, Progress Days, HEA Energy Fair and the Kenai Peninsula Beers Festival. During 2015 Re*Group has recycled over 800 pounds of recyclables and more than 1,000 pounds of food waste and compostable service ware. To learn more about Re*Groups Large Event Recycling Kit at your community event contact “Let’s keep up the momentum of lessening the waste going into our local landfill!”