Unique restaurant for your "palates" from pallets opens at PC Mall

The mystery has been solved about what was coming to the Peninsula Center Mall where the yogurt shop used to be. The paper is off the windows, the dinner bell hung and the all new interior revealed. It’s called “Palates” and promises to tantalize your palate with a variety of outdoor grilled tastes. The interior features an array of creative furniture hand made from recycled hardwood pallets and paintings from the pallet of VFW commander Anne Toutant to other recycled hardwood pallets, “And yes the play on words was absolutely intentional,” Toutant told the Dispatch. The dream of Mike Nelson Palates is now open and the dinner bell ringing, “We wanted to keep it simple and comfortable for the average people and yet pay tribute to the working man with good food and affordable prices. We’ve been picking up pallets wherever we can and almost everything in here has been made out of recycled pallets with the exception of what we’re cooking of course,” he laughed, “But we will be charbroiling most everything some with some without barbeque sauce. It’s that outdoor flavor that will be our signature whether it’s beef, chicken, halibut, salmon, prime rib or even fruit,” said Nelson. And it’s the aroma of outdoor cooking that’s bound to draw shoppers and visitors to the new dining experience at Palates. Whether for a quick snack, filling meal or a date night where you can linger and enjoy relaxing sounds of waterfalls or live music from the piano bar, the new Palates promises to please.

Palates is open Tuesday – Thursday noon to 8:00pm and Friday and Saturday ‘til 10:00pm. The all you can eat buffet is only $15.95 or a large plate once through the buffet $12.95 or a small plate once through the buffet for only $8.95. There is a fresh fruit bar daily with a variety of fresh deserts and always chargrilled chicken and beef kabobs with other weekly specials. You can also arrange for catering, a party or special event at Palates. Watch for the specials by going online to the group Facebook site called Food on the Kenai.