Weather shines on Trade Show

The Kenai Peninsula Association of REALTORS (KPAR) were excited to host the 31st Annual Kenai Peninsula Sport, Rec and Trade Show again this year, according to KPAR executive director Melissa Duffy. “We were again blessed by amazing weather which made for a great time outside with the food vendors. Inside we had a variety of booths and fun for the family. We had less vendors than usual this year due to several reoccurring themes. We greatly love being a part of the community and hope to offer exciting events for years to come,” said Duffy. Recalling the record crowds of years past Duffy said, “That was the year we had a big snow storm and there was no place for folks to go! This year the perfect weather encouraged folks to get out in their yards and on their toys to enjoy the perfect day, but we still had a great time giving back to the community with great food vendors and the Show & Shine car show that gave folks a lot to look at outdoors. We continued the “Passport” stamp program and gave away $100 each day and the grand prize, a 50” HDTV sponsored by Kenai Peninsula Satellite. The winners were extremely excited,” said Duffy.

Those who wanted a Hollywood experience were able to get a ride around town in Alex Villa’s stretch limo and his new Peninsula Limo Service, “Even hard working Alaskans like to feel special sometimes and what says special better than a chauffeured limo ride to and from your event and not just a limo but a 40 foot stretch limo, when most people see it they can’t believe their eyes especially when we enter the round-a-bouts,” said Villa, who you’ll recognize from the Hot Dog’s Ala Carte stand outside SBS. “If folks want to go out for a hot dog I’ll drive them there also or anywhere they want to charter me for, I love making people happy and seeing them have a good time whatever the special occasion may be.” You can book the Peninsula Limo by calling Alex at 907-252-2259.

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers were the first booth as folks entered the Regional Sports Complex reminding them of the importance of safety and the law while enjoying the great outdoors of Alaska, “Also remember if you’re going somewhere to tell someone where you are going and when you’re planning on returning so that if something happens we know where to start looking for you. Locator beacons are great but they’re no good if no one knows you’re missing. If you’re in a boat be sure you have life jackets for everyone and if you’re fishing be sure you know the fishing regulations so you don’t get in trouble, they are on line or available wherever you get a fishing license or call us we’d rather take a few minutes to answer your questions rather than write you a ticket,” advised Trooper Bosman.

“We’d like to thank everyone that attended, our exhibitors and vendors and especially our sponsors. If it wasn’t for the amazing support of the Peninsula Clarion, Kenai Peninsula Satellite, Kenai River Sportfishing Association and NAPA / Peninsula Auto and Truck we wouldn’t be able to offer such a fun community event year after year. Also a big thanks going out to Odom Corporation for beverage donations and Conoco Phillips for letting us use their tent. We had a blast and hope everyone else did too. We look forward to doing it again next year,” said Duffy.