Rounding up bike safety

It only happens every other year and this was the year for the Redoubt Elementary Bike Rodeo as school prepared to recess for the summer break.


Sharon Hale organizes the event and there was a big turnout for this year’s rodeo.

“I’m really happy that all the kids turned out, I was a little concerned about the weather but Mother Nature cooperated just enough to have all these kids here learning bike safety, having their bikes safety checked and adjusted, getting new helmets and getting on their bikes and having fun. We have stations and a little competition for the kids rodeo wise but mostly the stations are to learn safe ways to ride your bike and use your brakes properly, there was no extreme anything here just fun and safety,” said Hale at the event.

Central Emergency Services (CES) first responders were present at the rodeo to help the kids learn safety.

“They sent over a whole crew to check bikes and man stations and just do whatever I asked them to do. The retired fire marshal was even here assisting Jane Fellman with Safe Kids of the Kenai Peninsula making sure each kid had a properly fitting helmet. It was first criteria that every child have a correctly fitted helmet before they could proceed through the rodeo and if someone didn’t have a helmet they could buy a new one for only five dollars. Kids grow and last summer’s helmet may not fit at all this year so it’s really important to be sure your kiddos have a properly fitting helmet,” said Hale.

In addition to the $5.00 helmets there were prizes for rodeo participants.

“Anybody that completes the entire course thanks to the PTA and got their card stamped got a free Jolly Roger Ice Cream. And this is one event the kids can come to on their own without a parent. It makes me happy to see the kids riding in the city correctly and wearing a helmet. I’m old enough to be their grandmother and I still always wear my helmet when I’m riding my bike,” said Hale.

Now that school is out all motorists should be aware of youngsters sharing the city streets with motor vehicles. There is no excuse for distracted driving, texts, arguments or otherwise, be alert and watch out for the little ones that are learning to be safe.