Lighting up the holidays

The Hale House in Soldotna on Henrich Street off Redoubt once again is over the top for holiday night lights.

As an added bonus, tune your favorite Christmas music on your car radio via a low watt FM radio and see the display of lights keep rhythm.

Thirty-some scenes sparkle in the winter wonderland night according to former CES Fire Marshal Gary Hale. He says the lights come on with an automatic timer at 4:00 p.m. and stay on until about midnight through New Year’s Day so that the community can extend their holiday cheer past Christmas day by driving by.

“Sometimes after dinner Sharon and I will go park in the neighbor’s driveway so we can enjoy our own lights. It used to be fun to watch the HEA meter go into hyper-spin when the lights went on, but that’s all digital now so that part of the fun is in the past,” laughed Hale.