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Report Wildlife Sightings!

Wildlife-vehicle collisions along the Sterling Highway within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge are among the highest in rural Alaska. The Alaska Departments of Transportation, Fish & Game, and Public Safety; the Federal Highway Administration; Alaska Moose Federation; and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service are trying to solve this problem. 

Your help in reporting wildlife along the Sterling Highway from milepost 58 (east entrance to Skilak Lake Road) to milepost 79 (where the 2-lane turns into a divided 4-lane near Sterling) is needed.  There are milepost markers bearing white numbers on a green background in half-mile increments located along this section of the roadway to make it easier to report wildlife locations. 

This information will help in the design and reconstruction of the highway to include methods to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. The goal is to make the highway safer for motorists and wildlife.  

Always obey the posted speed limit signs.  If you do hit an animal, call the Alaska State Troopers at (907)262-4453.

When you spot wildlife on this section of the Sterling Highway, call the Wildlife Hotline (907)262-2300 and include the following information: 

What animal you saw 

(such as a moose, black bear, wolf) 

How many 

(a cow and calf, a sow with 2 cubs) 

Location where you saw the wildlife 

(between MP 68.5 and 69) 

Date and Time 

(June 5 at 7:30am)


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