Halibut Cove

On the south side of Kachemak Bay, just six miles from Homer is the haven called Halibut Cove. Nestled in Kachemak Bay State Park, you'll need to make plans to travel by boat if you want to visit Halibut Cove.

While many visitors rely on water taxis from Homer, others prefer to kayak to this scenic little community. And while the destination of Halibut Cove is considered a paradise of solitude and serenity, the journey over often includes the opportunity to see whales, porpoises, and sea otters. You'll also pass by Gull Island, a natural seabird rookery and preserve.

There are not many residents, and most of Halibut Cove's buildings are built on pilings overlooking the protected waters of the cove. But the boardwalk welcomes visitors, many of whom explore the hiking trails and public use cabins in Kachemak Bay State Park. You'll also want to investigate the town's vibrant art galleries, exquisite dining or kick back a little longer in one of the area's privately owned lodging facilities.  You'll find Halibut Cove to be a small town that is worlds away from the busy days at the end of the Homer Spit during the summer months.

Must-see in Halibut Cove

With it's proximity to the trails of nearby Kachemak Bay State Park, you'll want to bring your hiking shoes and camera to explore this natural resource.


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