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Home > News > Are you surprised that the Congressional Super Committee failed to reach an agreement on a debt reduction plan?

Are you surprised that the Congressional Super Committee failed to reach an agreement on a debt reduction plan?

4% (20 votes)
96% (444 votes)
Total votes: 464
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Jerry 11/24/11 - 07:58 am
A funny thing happened on

A funny thing happened on Americas way to a New One World Order that the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION was Hearlded as the Messiah which would lead us into this OWO.

The OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION was also Hearlded as the Chosen One that the Youth would listen to & follow into this OWO or have we forgotten all this?

As i said from day1, the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION would cause America to fall economically, which would usher in a Civil War or Revolution.
A war/revolution which would allow His Chosen One to make OUR Constitution null & void by his declaring Martial law from all the Nationwide turmoil, replacing OUR Old Faith & Hope to Believe in with His Fake hope & faith & fundamental change not to believe in.

OOPS!! This failed debt reduction scheme was never ment to succeed & the real debt is not $15+ Trillion, its actually over $120 Trillion, so this pretend $1.2 Trillion would do absulutely NO GOOD.

If we we're to spend $1 Billion dollars a day all the way back to the Birth of Jesus Christ we would still not have spent $1 Trillion dollars.

Its almost time to decide which Chosen One is REAL or FAKE as the BEGINNING IS NEAR, real near & the True Chosen One is OUR ONLY HOPE, not this GR8 Pretender, the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION.

AKMaineIac 11/22/11 - 12:28 am
Dunno what all that's about.

Dunno what all that's about. I know the only possible way to get those clowns to arrive at a consensus would have been to tell them they would not be allowed to leave the room until they did. If they did leave without a consensus, they'd all be fired, immediately.

oldwolf49 11/23/11 - 04:47 am
Jerry, you sound like a

Jerry, you sound like a normal everyday republican who fails to grasp the concept of things; the survey was about congress, not the President. You should go back and look again at the question and then make a comment. The republicans ran on a platform of "we will create jobs" in 2010, they have failed to do ANYTHING of any value to ANYONE and yet there are so many people failing to realize that fact. Seems to me that someone should have their recess taken away from them. Do you agree Jerry?

bob99507 11/23/11 - 08:10 am
old wolf you sound like all

old wolf you sound like all the other libs the republicans have the House the libitards have the Senate.Gridlock!! Maybe Reids recess should be taken away he is the common denominator

oldwolf49 11/24/11 - 02:28 am
Look bob, if you can come up

Look bob, if you can come up with something, anything that has been done by the republicans of late not counting all the blocking maneuvers and crying and name calling and BS about how the country is failing and the President is doing nothing about it when he has REPEATEDLY tried to sit down with republicans and get something going, lets hear it, otherwise all you are doing now is avoiding the issue and continuing the name calling and not doing anything to change the status quot. In other words you are falling right in line with those who would send this country down the drain just to see the show. Get a life and get an idea; then share it.

cheapersmokes 11/24/11 - 07:41 am
The only solution to this

The only solution to this massive debt problem is too not allow anyone to run for reelection unless the budget is balanced and at least 5% of the debt is paid down. All of the Congress just loves to spend money bringing unneeded projects back to their district so they can brag about it in their next election campaign,

Did you know our government has over 1,300 planes just used to fly VIP's around and each one of them requires a pilot and maintenance team with a load of spare parts. All because someone in their district wants to sell to the government. This allows them to avoid the airport security searches and dealing with common people on the plane.....sell them all and make them pay for their own commercial flights.

But you won't hear them talking about this now will you. Get a book by Norman Schwartz called, "The Washington Zoo, Government waste from A to Z!

bob99507 11/24/11 - 09:43 am
old wolf your boys had

old wolf your boys had complete control when obama took over and what did they get done.Oh yeah I remember 1 billion dollar bail out that will keep unemployment at 8% didn't happen.Your group took over the House and Senate in 06 and it has been down hill ever since.I seem to remember obama telling McCain we won! It didn't sound like he was wanting to set down then

AKMaineIac 11/24/11 - 10:13 am
The elected representatives

The elected representatives are indeed "representative"... I am a conservative by nature, not Republican or Democrat, but conservative. I will vote for a conservative Democrat before I ever consider voting for a liberal Republican. If I can find a conservative Independent, or third party candidate, I'll vote for them.

Most people are getting right sick and tired of the fingerpointing and fighting. I don't see incumbency being an asset in future elections.

oldwolf49 11/25/11 - 09:49 pm
bob, check your math and your

bob, check your math and your history; dems did have a majority but with W still in office no way to get anything done. And again after Obama was elected still no real power due to the way the rules are set up to get anything done. Far as downhill, have you seen a news paper since W took office? 3 wars, unemployment continued a steady rise throughout his terms, terms he won by whining to the supreme court and having them stop counting ballots by the way. The bank "fail" that we had to bail out that W started the ball rolling for; both the fail and the bail out. Don't get me started on the failed policies W started and the billions of $ lost as a result. I am not saying dems are not at fault but as a result of failed policy from W and the continuing blocking just to block from the current republican idiocracy if you have something to say that will help then say it, otherwise stop name calling, blaming Obama just because he is a dem and black and think of something that might be worth saying that might help.

bob99507 11/26/11 - 08:45 am
"blaming Obama just because

"blaming Obama just because he is a dem and black and think of something that might be worth saying that might help".Harry Reid,Nancy Poloci,John Kerry,Al Gore and the list goes on of Dems that I blame and they are white.You need to look for a new story that one is weak ans simple minded

kenai_kid 11/26/11 - 01:36 pm
First, the "Super Committee"

First, the "Super Committee" was comprised of six Democrats and six Republicans. Kind of hard to blame either party for a mutual failure.
Second, When G.W. Bush assumed the presidency, the budget was in the black by about $300 billion. When he left, we were in the red by $10 trillion. Currently, we are overspending annually by about $14 trillion. Our total public debt is $132 T R I L L I O N.
To put this in perspective, it is likely that within the next 10 years, our government will be so far in debt, that at the current expenditures as opposed to tax revenue, we will not be able to pay even the interest on our debt if we applied every tax dollar the treasury takes in. Every dollar paid in taxes, by every person and corporation in the country will not cover the interest on our loans.
It seems to me to be clear that #1 we need to cut spending. and in addition,#2) we need to increase revenue through an increase in taxes. In 1950, the top tax bracket was 91% on every dollar over $400,000 (in 1950 dollars/married filing jointly). Of course, there were also 24 tax brackets with the lowest being 17.4%. The top bracket didn't fall below 50% until the 70's.
A meager raise on the wealthy is not going to kill the economy.


jtpate 11/28/11 - 03:00 am
Ok, I'm just wondering who

Ok, I'm just wondering who the 4% are? Who really thought they would come to an agreement? LOL!! Speak up man!

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