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Home > News > Should the state of Alaska move forward with a natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48, or pursue an in-state natural gas pipeline?

Should the state of Alaska move forward with a natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48, or pursue an in-state natural gas pipeline?

Gas line to the Lower 48
17% (87 votes)
In-state gas line
83% (413 votes)
Total votes: 500
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Jerry 12/12/11 - 03:48 pm
Stop the presses & publish

Stop the presses & publish the story 100% approve an instate gas line for Alaska, of course its only 3 votes, but, why wait for someone to ruin it.

Alaska is about to be totally isolated from the lower 48 any day now, so lets start taking care of Alaskans that are here now, as we, they seem to be the ones that plan on being permenant resident minded.

The OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION would try & stop any form of commerce from Oil or Gas from Alaska anyhow just like he did last month with the Keystone Gas pipeline from Canada which isTruly a shovel ready project.

Alaska, Canada & the 48 states have more Oil, Gas & Coal than ALL the World available & the Money handlers, OWO folks won't allow us to use it, ever really consider why?

This would be a GR8 start to the UNITED STATE OF ALASKA would it not?

oldwolf49 12/13/11 - 01:19 am
Jerry, Again you seem to be

Again you seem to be misinformed; This operation has been earmarked since before F Murkowski was gov. The goal: make as much money as quickly as possible in the short, make even more in the long regardless of regulation/law. Meaning that the more govt. subsidies they can get and the less they have to put into it the better. We had a GOOD plan in the early 2000's and it got nixed but the republican gov. The plan got convoluted and set up after that so that nothing could be done until the law changed again, meaning they had to have someone in a position of power like Stevens to push through the needed legislation. Stevens got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and so the re-set. All this posturing and letting the Alaska people "think" they have a hand in deciding is BS. Its the oil companies just like always. Govt. has no say so don't blame where it isn't warranted. And quit being racist Jerry, it's not nice.

Jerry 12/13/11 - 12:18 pm
oldwolf49 Is it being

Is it being misinformed or wanting Alaska to have as little to do with Govt. Regulations as possible?
I agree with you that it is the oil companies, BUT, its also the Govt. involvement for America's oil & gas to not be used & saved for future.
Science shows that God replaces the oil as we remove it, and there are literally Hundreds of Thousands of Tapped Oil wells that are full of oil.

I don't believe that we can point to any Party as the main one that henders growth, its the old game of Good politician vs Bad Politician, and they just take turns being each.

As a 38 yr union member voting for the Donkey Dems i have been able to retain some accounts from politics to the point that i'm now an Elephant, Republican, getting smarter as time rolls on to the point of its down to making no differance who one votes for these Last days.

Make no mistake about it they have a Dream Act of World Order totally controled by a select few & i'd say that there are a few BILLION to many people for their goal in Utopia, so prepare for WWIII.

As a supposed Racist, if your refering to my pointing out that OUR Prez. the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION is a racist remark, its not.
I have American Indian, American African & American Irish blood, i don't have as much as Obama's 7% African blood, but i am mixed & not racist, unless its against all colors of TRASH People.
Oh Obama has 43% Bedouin Arab & 50% White to finish off his mix, oh, he also has Jewish blood from the tribes of Dan & Judah, as well as being Cousin to all most all past Presidents of America, & Royalty of England.

Lynne Cheney, Barack's Cousin Dick's wife, she wrote of this Kinship in her book "Blue Skies, No Fences" in 2008 just before the election of the Chosen One.
It seems they all are Kin thru a Samuel Hinckley of Cap Cod in the 1600's, remember the Hinckley that shoot Reagan, Bush's cousin & Obama's too.
This info use to be found on the New England Historic Geneological Societies web site, probably not any more though.

My referance to the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION is in referance to what Daniel in the Bible chapters 9; 11; 12; say about the Abomination of Desolation, which describes the One World Leader thats to come in the Last Days.
This leader will have no desire for the gods of his fathers, regard for women & only seeks his own desire, a desire to control & be worshiped while promising everything & producing nothing, which leads to total destruction every where.
Everything Obama does is ment to Destroy, & has, if one would be honest about it.
But he is not alone as its a Family Dream by many, he is just supposed to be the Last One to GET-R-DONE.

If pointing out that America's Chosen One, the Messiah, who will lead the World into the New World Order because the Youth will follow him is racist, then i appoligize, its not racist.

Have a GR8 day & get ready, DESOLATION, is coming OUR way soon.

Citizen17 12/13/11 - 05:20 am
Very interesting "oldwolf49."

Very interesting "oldwolf49." There is some credibility in your opinions, but I have to challenge you on one accusation you made to "Jerry." How can anything he wrote be considered racist? He made NO mention of race in his comment. Please enlighten the world with your insight.

oldwolf49 12/14/11 - 01:07 am
Originally Jerry has

Originally Jerry has commented about the prez negatively, his post on this subject used what I would consider a negative connotation on his name. Just an opinion.
But Jerry's second post to this subject has simply floored me; something about god replacing the oil as we remove it!?!?!?! Come on Jerry, you aren't some religious nut who actually believes that the bible is a kin to fact are you????
Bible is a good story book, something to read to the kids and teach them about being nice to others, it has nothing to do with fact, science, reality nor truth in advertising. Far as the desolation, everything I saw W and his cronies do has sent us down that path. I hope the moderators of this site will not allow it to become a forum for "preachy no nothings" who feel that "if you ain't white you ain't like some deity we believe made us". That is just wrong.
Back to the original topic, gas and oil companies have done nothing but make money, shareholders and corporate flunkies profit off the backs of Natives and the environment. Simple economics like I said, the most money will be the decision made.
Did you read Jerry's manifesto? Oh boy.........

Jerry 12/14/11 - 12:25 pm
oldwolf49 Talk about being

Talk about being misinformed and preaching a point of view, then combining it with a desire for censorship of those that differ from you, one thing i did not do.

Thanks for asking the Clarion to be come like the Govt. with their new National Defence Act.
An Act that allows for picking & chosen select ones & deciding who is right or wrong & regulating them or branding them as a threat & not worthy to be listened to or given room to express their Peaceful opinions.

Make no mistake about it time will prove all things & show that we Christian nut jobs are either Right or Wrong, which will also reveal just where you & everyone else stand.
Its either the True God worship or the False god worship.

So that you don't come unsoldered about the False god comment, those false god followers say the same about us Christians, that we worship a False god, only they usually want us Christians censored, sometimes by death.

And about that "If your not White, you ain't in with a white deity" thats your words not mine.
I never said God or Jesus, Yeshua was white.
If ya would read my second post slooooowly you would see that i am a mix of colors, race, not racist against *OUR* 50% white, 43% Arab 7% african Prez.
I did not care for alot of *OUR* past white Presidents actions either, which probable makes me a racist against whites if you where allowed to determine this.

If we make it to a 2012 Prez. election, which i really doubt we will as a FREE Nation.
And if we boot Obama out, i'm sure that whom ever is Prez. will not meet my approval totally like ALL the past Prez.'s as well.

Thanks for the other side & good luck with what you are FREELY allowed to believe in, thats what you/we are allowed to believe in for now.
With all the NEW HOPE & FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE TO BELIEVE IN coming,(not yelling there) i don't think any of us are in for a good time real soon, so buy some rice & beans.

I still think Alaska needs to try & keep the Govt. out of as much as possible, so lets start with this gas pipeline Instate.

To the Clarion, Please don't restrict people like oldwolf49 for his, their opinions, as we all have an opinion, like each of us also have other parts, some stink, some don't.(hope this Truth didn't offend)

Thanks & have a GR8 Day.


oldwolf49 12/14/11 - 09:18 pm
Jerry, Spoken like a true

Spoken like a true narcissist. Down playing your own digs at someone while playing up their opinions and twisting them so that you come out on top. Well done, but after working in the field for so many years it is easy to spot but I am surprised at myself for not seeing it earlier and getting sucked into your BS. Won't happen again.

Jerry 12/16/11 - 03:59 pm
Sorry folks, i wasn't trying

Sorry folks, i wasn't trying to make people espouse any of what i believe to the point of name calling.
Each one of us has to work out our own way, in this life & eternity i believe and should try to help & guide others on the way which we each must decide is right or wrong for our selves.

My main point was that i believe that we need to regulate Big Govt. as much as we can if possible.
I realize that there are times when we can not go any direction without the aid of Govt. due to being forced in that direction for survival.

So as i said and it appears from the poll that many agree with me, Alaska should proceed ahead on OUR own with the gas line, or anything else that may come Alaskans way to avoid Govt. control to a minimum.


spwright 12/18/11 - 04:34 pm

Sunday 12/18/11

This was last week's Readers Poll & I made a Joke about the CHIEFS beating the PACKERS It actually Happened today !
Who would a Thunk It ? No Way that can Happen !
"Any Given Sunday" anything can happen in the NFL

SPW in Slooooowdotna

bob99507 12/19/11 - 08:38 am
oldwolf and his rasist crap

oldwolf and his rasist crap strikes again

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