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Home > News > Do you think an artificial turf athletic field should be constructed on the central Kenai Peninsula?

Do you think an artificial turf athletic field should be constructed on the central Kenai Peninsula?

56% (372 votes)
44% (294 votes)
Total votes: 666
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Jerry 01/31/12 - 06:05 am
This is an absolutely amazing

This is an absolutely amazing poll, with WWIII starting in the Middle East as nations prepare to go to war against other nations, the USA has one of its largest massing of Naval & military ever in the Persian Gulf, Worldwide economic collapse at any moment and the clarion needs to know what we think about a fake grass football field that will cause more injuries to kids.

whoisthecoon 01/31/12 - 04:50 pm
Is this global unrest a new

Is this global unrest a new thing??, never heard of it.

And by the way, what is the problem with polling something locally? I think we're all fully aware that the issues surrounding foreign and internal affairs are much more important than a field, however, is the poll on the local newspaper really a place it needs to be featured?

Jason 01/31/12 - 12:13 pm
To everyone that voted no for

To everyone that voted no for this or anything that gives our youth a safe quality place for activities, please read the article to the left of the page.

Jerry 01/31/12 - 10:25 pm
MY mistake for thinking that

MY mistake for thinking that WE THE PEOPLE need to be informed & prepared for the coming troubles, troubles that will make an artificial field of no consiquence to lifes struggles or survival.

About the safety & quality of an artificial field, i may be wrong but i think that these fields actually harm & cause more injuries to players than grass fields do.

bluffbunny 01/31/12 - 10:42 pm
WHO is behind this

WHO is behind this question?

Wasn't this idea broached by some politician before? I believe it was an inflatable dome to cover an artificial turf field that time.

Wasn't it made clear by the people, that they didn't want this?

WHY is this issue coming up again?

A similar facility went broke in Anchorage, what makes anyone believe it would be a viable investment, here?

Will we be bamboozled once again by being told "It's for the CHILDREN"?

If certain segments of the Borough want such a facility, let THEM pay for it, with user fees. I don't want to see Borough funds used for any such unnecessary project.

Contrary to what some think- there IS an end to the money and we should be considering how we will pay for what we already have, not adding new, costly projects that do nothing to improve EDUCATION.

robert white
robert white 02/03/12 - 07:47 am
You know as well as I where

You know as well as I where this idea came from, the people elected him and now we have to put up with it till next election. Drug problems down here?? Not a priority I guess..

Jason 02/01/12 - 07:44 am
Jerry, I believe they are

Jerry, I believe they are looking into FieldTurf, which doesn't have an increase in injuries over grass. Its injury rate is lower due to the quality of the field and the fact that it does not get worn. I think you are thinking of astro turf.

Bluffbunny, This is not an inflatable dome, its just a new field and track surface. Its not nearly as expensive. If you have been to SoHi you can see how bad the surfaces are. They aren't safe. They doen't even use the track. High school students drive to Skyview everyday for practice. Sports and physical activity does improve the educational experience of students.

If this does get passed maybe they could host region meets and or games. This could bring money into our town.

justamom 02/01/12 - 08:44 am
Leave it to the town skeptics

Leave it to the town skeptics to look thru their narrow tunnel...again!

cbeard 02/01/12 - 09:59 am
I hope people who vote no

I hope people who vote no don't also complain about the peninsula's fading banana republic style tourism economy and skyrocketing drug usage rates, teen delinquency, and alcoholism.

Jerry 02/02/12 - 02:37 pm
So how is a single football

So how is a single football field gonna reduce all the drug, alcoholism, deliquency, teen pregnantcies and many other problems that not only effects kids but every one.
The problem is a lack of ethics or morals for these kids to see or duplicate every where, not the lack of an artificial turf field?

My question is where is the field gonna be located?
Will this divide the twin cities further?
Who is gonna pay for this field, especially with Mayor Navarre wanting to restrict commerce on the Kenai?

Make no mistake it would be nice to reduce all the trips to Anchorage for playoffs, something that has always made me go nutso, most of all when its OUR Kenai Peninsula teams playing.

This field will not promote morals or ethics or a better life for many.
Only a Revived Belief in OUR OLD Hope will do that, not this New Hope & Fundamental Change to Believe in of Obama's & his Liberal followers.
Its a False Hope that has destroyed or morals & ethics if one were truthful, and its getting worse daily.

Many things to consider with this field, are there not?

cbeard 02/03/12 - 11:46 am
You think people are going to

You think people are going to straighten up if somebody swoops in and teaches them "ethics"? Even the smartest children with parents who make a comfortable living grow up to be severely screwed up if they don't live in a place that provides options. The phrase "it takes a village" doesn't mean just people who take an interest, it's institutions, services, businesses, public projects, and all manner of features of a well-oiled city. There's a reason why only retirees move to the peninsula and our young families want to leave ASAP (and those who don't need out of town jobs or just become some of the many family welfare cases). Just ask the thousands of former peninsula residents who decided to raise their children elsewhere.

By the looks of your comment you're just interested in bellyaching about everything. I'm sorry your life didn't turn out the way you want it and you're offended by people trying to make a better living for themselves and their community. If that wasn't bad enough, then you go on and drag some anti-Obama rhetoric into a conversation about not a national issue, but a recreational facility in of all places small-town-Alaska. So, you think a recreational facility is not only bad, but it's Obama's fault somehow? I might have to get a prescription for Lunesta to be able to sleep after exhausting myself wrapping my head around that obvious pinnacle of intelligence.

Let's make a list of all the "bad things" that will happen if this field is built.

It will give younger people another option for recreation during winter. - Shocking!

Employ people who maintain the site - No! It can't be!

Free up facilities at schools that could be doing other things in addition to football - Gasp! The horror!

Allow new investments to come into the area by means of potential new leagues with their visiting teams and staff staying in the area and using services. - Oh the humanity!

Help attract new young wage-earning families to the area and build the economy borough-wide. - No! Stop!

I hope this about clears it up.

By the way, thanks for helping me decide to vote for Obama's re-election this year.

ziggyak 02/03/12 - 12:39 am
This is an issue that keeps

This is an issue that keeps coming up from the uninformed. Artificial turf fields do cause more player injures than natural turf, this is why many collages and pro teem fields still use natural turf or if they use an artificial turf it is normally a turf that is at least half natural grass. Artificial turf is sport specific they are not designed to support multiple sport activities. A football fields crests in the center and a soccer field is almost flat, all fields are engineered whether natural or artificial for drainage and or water retention also for firmness and give. Cost is a factor an artificial turf field will cost between six hundred thousand to one point four million to install, it must be maintained and it only lasts for about ten years then it must be replaced. A natural turf field that is a better and safer surface can be installed for one hundred fifty to three hundred fifty thousand dollars, it dose require special handling in the spring and more maintenance but doesn't have to be replaced if maintained properly and maintenance costs will never reach the costs of the artificial turf. Yes I know this is Alaska and grass freezes and is not available to all sports, maybe we shouldn't expect to play early in the spring or into October, after all this is Alaska.

steelhorse 02/03/12 - 02:16 pm
I'm all for developing safe

I'm all for developing safe fields for our citizens especially the youth but I imagine many here are misinformed or uninformed about the true safety of artificial fields.

I played on a few of them. I am of the opinion that the city would have to invest in much more than the citizens may be willing to pay for.

It has to be indoors and it has to have the highest quality and integrity otherwise there will be substantial risk for injury and high maintenance.

The soccer and football fields out there that utilize artificial or hybrid turf(s) are very expensive.

Just a few years ago, there were horrendous injuries directly attributed to the use of artificial turf.

Me personally, I'm more interested in investing in more worthwhile ventures, perhaps improving the rec center or adding another?

aksumfun 02/03/12 - 05:22 pm
To protect our young people

To protect our young people it might be necessary to build a covered artificial turf field. I never see any of these H.S. school kids out around the community, mowing lawns, Shoveling sidewalks, they have just dissappeared into their homes, holed up playing computer games. Maybe there should also be heated seats for the viewers as they maybe getting a little soft too. In the 1940`s, we played sports outside like they were always played before I played. Baseball in the sprinkles untill the field got too wet, Football in Snow, Rain, Cold and until it was too miserable for the Referree`s, There is one thing I have noticed that the Schools and local governments have Absolutely no understanding that the Country is in debt to the amount o
"15 trillion Dollars" Tax and Spend is the Policy of the Politicians. I have changed my mind; I think they should learn to play in the elements they live in and get outside and do a little Work; The players in my time put many hours repairing the fields; For Free Paul

spwright 02/04/12 - 10:15 am
Sat. 2/4/12 Bluff Bunny is

Sat. 2/4/12
Bluff Bunny is asking many valid Questions that need to be answered BEFORE proceeding with this idea.

This would need to be a Enclosed Facility w/ heat otherwise
it will just be another Frozen Asset that can't be used the majority of the time.

Yes the Track at SoHi needs total Replacement but that doesn't need to include a New FootBall Field w/ AstroTurf.

SPW in Slooooowdotna

Jerry 02/05/12 - 06:34 pm
An extra large number of

An extra large number of votes(619) on this issue, are there not?
Kind of makes one wonder just how many of the same people may have voted more than once.
But, may not.

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