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Home > News > How high do you think gasoline prices will climb this summer?

How high do you think gasoline prices will climb this summer?

Above $5 per gallon
40% (156 votes)
Above $5.50 per gallon
27% (106 votes)
Above $6 per gallon
32% (125 votes)
Total votes: 387
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Jerry 02/27/12 - 09:02 pm
OOPS! I did it again. I

OOPS! I did it again. I predicted that hard times are coming to a World near you any day now & gas will be over $6.00 per gallon, that is if ya can get it.
Have ya ever thought about whats going on World wide with the push by Obama at ever turn to cause Global collapse or war with his plans to P O people every where?
Why is America burning Qurans in Afgan, or having war games with S Korea, or amassing 20,000+ troops in the Persian Gulf, or pushing the over throw of Gaddafi & Assad & others with this supposed Islamic spring thing like its a good thing?

Lets examine this coming oil crisis from a war with Iran & Syria, which will drag Russia & others into it and what the affects will be World wide, and whats the real purpose of this action.
Obama was hearlded as the Chosen One that would lead ALL the world into the New One World Order with a single leader & Union of One.
The Muslims are looking for their One World Order messiah to come forth any time now around the month of March after a war killing millions of people.
Iran does not have nukes, but if they can provoke America or Israel into a war its a win, win situation for them & bring forth their Messiah & Sharia law after a 7 yr peace is made with the Jews.
The Bible says that in the End Times known as the Tribulation period of 7 years that a One World Leader & Union will emerge promissing peace & confirm a 7 yr peace treaty with the Jews & muslims after some sort of major conflict as well that disrupts world peace & economics.

So if we have all these things pointing towards a OWO & Union & a total economic control of every thing for the good of all, do ya think that a possible oil shortage or war over oil could be used to gain that total control of all economics & push people towards a single world Leader, Messiah?
When the price of oil skyrockets due to a war or restricted supply to all nations how soon will it take for a world wide panic & collapse of ALL commerce to occur & nations become willing to accept anyone that promisses to releave the suffering?
The answer is not very long at all before nations buckel under pressure to join a OWO for survival & every person is placed under a sanction & can't buy or sell anything to survive unless they join the OWO Union. Rev. 13;

As i have said before i would venture to guess that we will have a war start in the next few weeks, as i really believe that this is the End of the Age of time that many societies predicted would come forth with a massive purging of life to start a New Era of time, as well as the Bible.
In Matthew 24; Mark 13; & Luke 21; the followers of Jesus asked him what would be the signs of the End of the Age & his return, read what he told them 1980+ yrs ago.

Major events are unfolding & OUR Prez. is pushing for a OWO & Muslims are also pushing for the same thing & Yahweh God is in control of them all & said that it was coming so get ready.
Yahweh God has never been proven wrong, so i think i would prepare for gas over $6.00 per gallon, and thats one of your lest concerns for survival, now & for eternity in the coming OWO.

oldwolf49 02/27/12 - 10:30 pm
Jerry, if only. Current

Jerry, if only. Current events are dictated by what transpired 4 decades ago, if it were that easy to cause something to happen tomorrow by making a decision today things would be better because Obama made them that way; Reagen started this crap way back when, Clinton and W forced the issue farther and with the way congress is moving (if they were moving that is) things will probably get worse before better. But blaming Obama for all your ills is plain ignorant of history.

Jerry 02/28/12 - 04:01 pm
Please reread my post as i

Please reread my post as i never blamed Obama for anything other than pushing all the world towards a OWO.
I also never said that i was in any way bad off, or ill. In fact i'm set for eternity & have no fear of the future other than the fear that many will not look, listen & act on what the world news shouts at us daily, which if one looked one would see its exactly what Gods word says is to come at the End of the Age, Era of time that we are in now.

I stated that he, Obama, was hearlded as the Chosen One that would bring about the New One World Order, the same OWO that Muslims & Christians also believe is coming soon.
I am mearly saying that as the price of oil goes up so do all costs & its not by accident that this is happening & it is rooted in a desire to have total control of others for their Union.
Its not the End, its the beginning of a New Era of time.

What, do you think that they can't force every one into submission with sanctions, it happens daily against countries & every one that deals with them, so it will also happen to each person alive during the 7 yr reign of a OWO ruler.
Everything Obama has done is ment to crash America or stir up trouble world wide for the OWO.
I'm not fearful of him or his fellow OWO group, i just want to warn others that its gonna happen so get ready & knowing Gods son is the only way to survive. John 14:6

If one really knew history one would not blame Reagan either, how he got in this conversation i wonder, but simply realize that God is in control of ALL rulers & raises them up, and takes them down, all according to his plan & purpose.

As for the OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION, i truly believe that God raised him up to accomplish what his, Gods word says about a coming OWO & bring America down as a Soverign nation so we will also join this OWO Union.
Time always reveals that God is true, & all men are liers with out any hope other than in God. It's gonna happen, and right on time accordinbg to Gods will & time table.

kenai_kid 02/27/12 - 10:52 pm
End of times. I thought God

End of times.
I thought God said the end of times would come at a moment of his choosing and that time will only be known to him and him alone. Or as his prophets put it: "The end of times will come like a thief in the night."
Good grief Jerry! We get the picture ... the end is near ... all of the presidents are related and there are plenty of people out there that are nuttier than squirrel poop.

Jerry 02/28/12 - 11:16 pm
So if ya know thought that

So if ya know thought that God said that the End would come at his time of choosing, why can't you realize that that time will come & just maybe its almost here & God is choosing? 2 Peter 3:3-9
You are close in what you are saying, but, actually the theif in the night thing is the Rapture, Harpozo or taking out of all believers in Jesus mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:50-58, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 5:1-11, its Satans sign to Get-R-Done cause he only has 7 yrs to do so.
This taking out thing its a picture of how a Jewish Groom would sneek in at night unexpected and steal his Bride away for their wedding feast of 7 days.
The Jewish Jesus will do the same thing with his bride, believers, for the start of the Tribulation period of 7 yrs.

As for the End of Time thingy its actually far off and after Jesus has reigned on earth from Jerusalem for 1000 yrs, so its really actually close to a New Beginning, not the End.
Thats what the Mayans & 89 other societies were saying, its the End of the Age, Era of time, which will usher in a New Age, Era of time. Matthew 24:3.

No man knows the day or the hour that Jesus will take his bride out, but he tells us that we can know that its close by the signs of the times, and the most important sign is the nation of Israel is back in Their Land & how all the world is against them.
This started in 1948 & we can see that all the world is once again against Israel, Jews as Zachariah 12; & 14; shows.

Have a GR8 day & remember some nutjobs might not be as nutty as one thinks, and Time always proves things, correct or false, Read the Signs.

swinberg68 03/03/12 - 06:10 pm
You have I Thess. 5:2

You have I Thess. 5:2 correct, the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. That's usually where most people stop and fail to read the rest of the context. The prophets are talking about those in darkness, those not watching, or not saved. If you keep reading on down through verse 4 it states that "But you, brothers, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Verse 5 states that "You are all the children of the light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. 6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.
It is obvious that some big things are happening right now, just look at what has happened in the Middle East over the past year, and now Syria. If Russia comes after Israel after they strike Iran then that will set the "end of the age" prophecies of Revelations and Daniel into motion. Gas prices will climb so high, no average person will be able to afford to pay for it. Just think what will happen if we could no longer import any more oil because of a World Wide War. If our supply were to run low then the government would most likely step in and stop the sale of oil and gas to the public, in order to save it for our military units.

swinberg68 02/28/12 - 08:02 pm
Jerry, I think that you are

Jerry, I think that you are right on as I have been watching events for many years now. I also fully expect a World Wide War that will begin very soon and think that it will start with an Israeli strike inside Iran. Since Russia is an ally of Iran as well as Syria, this will anger them and provide them the push that they need to go against Israel. I also think that there will be a push from the east from China and that Russia and China will be united against the Jewish state of Israel. I expect this war to be the deadliest war as is depicted in the Bible which will include the total destruction of Damascus as well as the rebuilding of the Third Temple. The only way this war will end is with a promise of peace from a new leader, one that comes as a thief in the night. Most people will think that this new leader will be Savior of the world, bringing promises of peace and prosperity for everyone for 7 years, that is everyone who goes along with this so called Savior, for in reality he is the Antichrist. That's right, nobody knows who he is right now but will by the end of this great war. I also believe it could happen by the end of March. Keep up the good work by sounding the alarm.

Jerry 02/28/12 - 11:06 pm
swinberg68, your welcome. It

swinberg68, your welcome. It does seem funny to me that warnings are every where & yet people just go on with no thought of what lies ahead.
Its kind of like the WARNING signs like, WARNING Slow down sharp curve ahead, or Warning Bridge out.
Some people heed the signs & other people run off the road or into the river due to a lack of belief in what the signs said, thinking all the while what SQUIRRELY NUTJOB put up those warning signs, instead of preparing for what may be ahead which the signs all Warned of & pointed too.

The One world leader can't come foreward until the church is removed(this will make many happy that us nutjobs are gone)as i mentioned in above scripture, this is also a signal to Satan that he has 7 yrs to get-r-done with his World order plans.

The book of Revelation shows that 2/3rds of ALL life on earth will be distroyed during that 7 yr period, thats 4.5 Billion people. WWI had 8 Million killed, WWII killed 55 Million.
WWIII is about to start in the middle east & its all over Yahweh, Gods choosen people, Jews, and Gods choosen Land, Israel, and Gods choosen city, Jerusalem, and Satan & his sons want to destroy everything that has Yahweh Gods name on it, thus the battle rages on until Christ will come to stop its total distruction of all life.

We already see sanctions against those nations that refuse to obey the EU rules, as well as the forcing of nations to give up soverign right for bail outs due to economic collapse and this will spread to individuals very soon, and thats the Dream of Obama with every move he makes, all to cause OUR right as a soverign people to be lost so we become like everyone else in the Worlds Union.
Its the first time in history that this could have happened and its right in line with Gods Choosen land, people & city the center of world wide desire to control it all. Zachariah12:8-10, 14:12-13 shows what God will do to those nations that try to control his choosen.

WARNING High gas prices ahead, leading to skyrocketing prices on everything else, causing many to be unable to afford basic things for life, forcing them to join the OWO Union for survival. Revelation 13:16-17

God loves all of us & has given us ample WARNING signs & 2000 yrs to prepare for what Jesus said was coming & a way of escape thru belief in him, some will heed the signs, others will not, thats our free will rights either way. John 14:6

I'm not fearful of whats coming with Obama's Dream Union, in fact i am excited that it's almost here, all because i prepared for what the WARNING SIGNS said was near.

Stock up on commodities while you can afford them.

oldwolf49 02/29/12 - 03:17 am
Thought this was about gas

Thought this was about gas prices.

Jerry 02/29/12 - 12:07 pm
It is about gas prices,

It is about gas prices, prices that will result in a world wide economic disaster for everyone that must deal with commerce for survival, all of which will skyrocket basic needs beyond many peoples means to buy them. EVERY ACTION, has a reaction, one way or another.

Its like the Clarions letter WARNING us that we need to get ready for MORE pain at the pumps. Can ya believe this NUTJOB paper giving us an Early WARNING of higher gas prices?
This WARNING by the Clarion will more than likely cause many to forever disregard anything that the Clarion may print in the Future, all because they are WARNING us of bad things to come, will it not?

We as Alaskans may fare better than most due to the acces to oil & gas, that is if Tesoro can be stopped from ripping ALL of us Alaskans off like they are doing now.
We may be able to get almost free gas when the global crash comes & their is no market for OUR oil at inflated prices all due to a pretend lack there of being used bt OWO govts. to gain more control of the worlds citizens.

But please, don't listen to any of the WARNING SIGNS or prepare as we stumble down lifes bumpy road thats about to become bumpier very soon.
Be Happy, & have a GR8 day, as everything is gonna be OK!

I'm not trying to be a smart ass here, & am sorry if it appears that way. I only want to warn people that all the WARNING SIGNS show hard times are coming on us at warp speed & its not gonna be pretty for Billions of people.
Why am i doing this? Because Jesus came into my heart & showed me love & forgiveness that i never had before, this made me realize that i need to love others as i am loved.
Love others, which i never use to care about & try to help them down the right path, the path that is very narrow & few there are that follow it.

spwright 03/02/12 - 04:38 pm
Oh Can't Ya Just Feel Their

Oh Can't Ya Just Feel Their PAIN !
EXXON really needs Alaskans to be Paying more than $4.43 per Gallon. We should ALL Pay More & contribute MORE to the $Richest$ International Corporation in the Entire World.
Their $Billions$ of Dollars in Profits is just Not Enough for Them, Oh the PAIN of Their Suffering.EXXON really needs more Tax Breaks don't ya know
Yep $5.00 per Gallon is Just around the corner
SPW in Slooooooooowdotna

Jerry 03/02/12 - 06:33 pm
Howdy spwright, how ya doing?

Howdy spwright, how ya doing? Well my son Army Ranger is supposed to be out of Afgan as of yesterday, i haven't heard from him as of yet, but still praying that he is in the air or some where being processed for home.
He is being transfered to Florida for Ranger instructor there when he gets home at FT. Drum, NY.
Hope things hold together enough so i we can go see him, wife & gran chillins.

You know that Russia votes Putin back in as Prez. on Sunday & Putin said that the UN, Israel or America will not attack Syria or Iran like they did Lybia or else Russia will join in the fight against all that attack Syria or Iran.

Gas is going up so buy some ammo & rice & beans while ya can.

Jerry in Slooooooowerdotna

spwright 03/03/12 - 10:06 am
" I wanna be a AIRBORNE

" I wanna be a AIRBORNE RANGER" used to sing that Army Cadence each & every morning
during the morning P T." RANGER UP"


May ALL of OUR TROOPS Get the Hell out of Afghanistan right now ! Bring them HOME NOW.

SPW "Airborne All the Way"

oldwolf49 03/02/12 - 08:37 pm
Jerry, are you seeing someone

Jerry, are you seeing someone about that pent up rage?

Jerry 03/02/12 - 09:27 pm
oldwolf49 where do ya come up

oldwolf49 where do ya come up with these comments about my very calm assement of things that a blind man can see, & how i calmly advise people how to prepare for the coming troubles/Tribulations?
No i'm not seeing someone, or hearing someone either right now, but i will soon see & hear Jesus.
If ya want to read about some pent up angry, read how Jesus comes back and unleashes his thousands of years worth of angry on everyone that has rejected him as the REAL Choosen One, and accepted these many wannabe's.
Its not a pretty picture of the Rage that is poured out on smart folks that think they have all the answers to life, all answers that are in total oppisite of what God says are the answers.

Thanks for asking though and buy some ammo & rice & beans while ya can, OH! Ya might want to buy a Bible as well it explains everything i'm warning others about.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Ya got to love this free speach stuff while we still can. Right?
Points 03/04/12 - 06:21 pm
WTH!!!! I thought this poll

WTH!!!! I thought this poll was about the price of gasoline. But by reading some of these blogs, it must be about the end of the world. Jerry(whoever Jerry is) put your science fiction books back on the shelf and get back into reality if you can.

spwright 03/04/12 - 06:40 pm
Sun. 3/4/12 It's Called

Sun. 3/4/12
It's Called FREEDOM of SPEECH to which Jerry can Rant & Rave all He wishes to ! Jerry may be quite for a few days cuz HIS SON just RETURNED HOME FROM HIS COMBAT DEPLOYMENT IN AFGHANISTAN.
This Military Family has EARNED Their FREEDOM of SPEECH. SPW

Jerry 03/04/12 - 11:07 pm
spwright, Thanks for that,

spwright, Thanks for that, but i did not think i was ranting or raving, just explaining what i see about to happen. I use all caps to relate the importance of a few words, not yelling.

I still have not heard from my son as of yet. I know of a few other boys that are home on the Kenai for their forced leave, it appears that the USA is about to Get-R-Done in Iran or Syria. We have over 20,000 troops in the Gulf, and 5-6000 in Israel & that does not include the Naval forces. Putin was reelected as Russia's Prez. & he has warned the USA & UN not to attack Iran or Syria, OR ELSE.

Something is about to happen & with the Jewish Feasts about to start on wed. 3-7-12 Purim, Purim is a remebrance of when Persians/Iranians were going to wipe the Jews off the map back in 483B.C. the book of Esther. OH! Look, they are wanting to do the same thing again, ya can't fix stupid, according to Ron "Tater Salad" White, and its true.
Then Passover is on April 6/7th, followed by First Fruits, or Resurrection Sunday on the 8th, then the Feast of Pentacost is on Memorial weekend the 27th of May.
History shows that bad things always happen on Israels Feast Days, could that be the case this yr of 2012??

It seems that every ones opinion is ok, and if its good for you thats GR8, so lets all get along, that is as long as Gods word is not mentioned, then that lets all get along stuff, goes out the window, and its getting worse every day. Can ya say Roman empire duplicated?
I remember a few yrs back i was just like many and would have made most of you look like saints with my opinions & attitude towards any that disagreed with me & my self desires & wants which were all Godless actions, i'm ashamed to say. That was then, this is now.

To give you folks a clue of who i am, i'm the OLD 6'4" 300lb FAT AMERICAN & long time Peninsula resident, retired power lineman that fought for consumer rights back then as well.
So it's OK if ya don't like me or my wanting to help others by giving warnings of coming troubles, i'm use to it.

Im the one that has flown two American flags & a Yellow ribbon on his Dodge trucks continually since 911, in REMEMBRANCE.

I'm the guy that has A Dodge truck that will probably get to Heaven before i do with all the scriptures on it warning people of the ONLY WAY, & ONLY HOPE, and its not Obama either.

I'm the guy that will be fighting for your Freedom & free speech & also fighting against those that don't want everyone to have that Freedom or free speech.
The lines are being drawn in the sand as we type and everyone will have to decide which way they will go.

So if ya see me & my heaven bound Dodge truck go by with 2 AMERICAN flags flying, wave at me like i'll wave at you, with all four fingers & thumb.
And remember Jesus loves you & gave his life to save yours, & its all FREE, just for the asking, even if i might not be too happy with some of you.
But i am working on that last part daily, as the Lord reminds me of my past attitude towards many people & him, and how he died for me & forgave me, just by my asking him to do so & how he & i want the same for many of you.

OH!! Back to the poll. The price of gas will go over $6.00 real soon, i think, maybe even before the atheist's holiday, April Fools Day, or not.
Have a GR8 Day tomorrow & remember exercise your Freedom so get out & vote Tuesday, it might be our last chance to vote.
Ya got to love it while we have it, don't ya??

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