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Have you or do you plan to get a flu shot this season?

47% (160 votes)
53% (179 votes)
Total votes: 339
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Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/04/12 - 03:05 pm
I almost died the first time

I almost died the first time i took those shots when they first came out, and i know some are saying Dang the luck that i didn't. At any rate i refuse to take them again and when the GOVERNMENT starts fining people $50 bucks or what every they are warning people for not taking them, i still ain't gonna do it.
It looks like 50% agree with me on these shots and i wish they would say why their not getting them either.

JOAT 10/05/12 - 07:02 am
That's like saying, "I almost

That's like saying, "I almost died in a Model-T when they first came out, I'm not going to ride in a car ever again". Ridiculous. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives. Look at small pox. Influenza can't be eradicated due to its rapid mutation ability and the short span of action provided by the vaccine, which is about 3-6 months depending on the person.

I can't believe that over half of you are putting your own and everyone else's health at risk by not getting vaccinated. More people vaccinated means fewer infections and less chance for the population as a whole to spread the virus. Worldwide, there are up to 5 million people who get the flu. And up to a half-million of those people will die from the flu. I'm amazed at people who shrug off the flu vaccine for a disease that kills about 500,000 people every year. Of those, about 35,000 are in the United States (we have the world's best health care, so our fatality rate is much lower). That is nearly as many as the number of people killed in car accidents every year. People will wear seat belts to prevent that, but they won't get a flu shot and wash their hands to protect themselves from something just as deadly.

Flu season runs late in Alaska, so I actually suggest that people wait until Thanksgiving to get vaccinated so your coverage runs through the January to February season. But remember that it takes about 2 weeks after the shot to develop full antibodies to the three primary strains of influenza targeted in the vaccine. Those include the 2009 H1N1 that is a very serious and deadly form of the flu.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/05/12 - 11:24 am
Lets carry this protection

Lets carry this protection from death thingy one step more ok?
It amazes me that there are BILLIONS of humans world wide that refuse to get the proper help to escape Eternal death from the Deadly virus of sin which affects EVERYONE.
Even though the cure is free at absolutely no cost to anyone, Millions to Billions of people refuse to get help.

Back to the flu virus's spreading Globally and my beliefs that they are intentionally set on the world to Target certain ethinic groups and will get more numerious much like the H1N1 bird flu, which Targeted mainly Hispanics world wide, with Orientals as well.
One has to Believe those giving the medicine as being Trust worthy and really caring about humans is where i'm coming from.
Look at the spread of miningitus from Genetically tanted steriod shots thats killing people who have gotten the shots a few months back for back troubles. How do you think that virus got in that Genetically altered shot. accidently, or intentionally?
OOPS! Looks like the KEY WORDS are a "FEW MONTHS TO INCUBATE before the actual disease manifests it's self and does it's intended damage to humans or animals as well are the SIGNS.

As i said i ain't gonna take those Genetically altered Govt. shots that the Government has DUPED people into believing that there for the Good of mankind. You can if you want to and thats your right so get-r-done.
Same goes for my taking the vaccine for deadly sin, it's free to everyone and everyone has the freedom to accept it or reject it, but just like the Government is going to do to all that refuse their shots by fining them, so God is going to fine everyone that refuse his free vaccine found in Jesus.
Have it your way and i'll have it mine no matter what seems to be the norm, so i'll go with that Belief Thank You.

JOAT 10/05/12 - 01:14 pm
Watchdude, you have really

Watchdude, you have really got to get your feet back on the ground.

Faith is great, but it does not stop the spread of airborne diseases (though it does have great benefit to stopping the spread of STD, but that's a whole 'nother topic).

Humans cannot create life, even life as small as a virus, which is a living cellular organism. Only God can create life. So, you should reevaluate that book you hold there in your hands and your belief in where these illnesses come from. Or do you really believe that the governments of the 1340's in Europe created the bubonic plague? And the governments of the WWI era genetically created the influenza pandemic of 1918? That strain of influenza killed about 50 Million predominantly young Caucasians.

The government doesn't make flu vaccine. It is made by a couple different private pharmaceutical companies in Europe. The doctors who volunteer to be members of the World Health Organization do the research and recommendation on the strain content of each year's vaccine.

Flu vaccine is not "genetically altered". It is actually the dead proteins from the flu virus, grown in living chicken eggs, and extracted into a solution. When these proteins are injected into your muscle or skin tissue, it exposes your immune system to the proteins and then your body develops antibodies to fight them. It is really simple and solid medical science that is well proven over decades of successful practice.

As a non-government health care worker who administers hundreds of flu shots every year, I assure you that I am trustworthy and really do care about human beings. Be more than happy to meet up so you can look me in the eye when I say it.

Finally, the meningitis outbreak you referred to is also a completely natural form of meningitis that comes right out of nature (you know, like anthrax and the flu). Clearly, an entire lot of methylprednisolone solution was contaminated during manufacture (at a private pharmaceutical company). That would be due to the ignorant or illicit act of an individual and has nothing to do with the government.

But just in case, you better make sure the self-destruct mechanism and trip wires on the doors of your studio apartment are all set. Don't pay any attention to the 3 smoke stacks. It's nothing. We're here to help. ;)

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/05/12 - 02:51 pm
Goat, you have really got to

Goat, you have really got to read and understand what people write.
I never said anything about mans creating life. I did however talk about genetic altering of things resulting in Unnatural things.
I also never said that natural diseases like in 1349 or 1918 or any other epidimics through history were due to genetic manipulations.
I how ever did say that OUR Government is involved in genetic manipulations and have designed mutant diseases which are out of control and in fact do target certain ethnic groups.
As for your administering thousands of flu shots thank you and your belief that they are not altered in any way is a matter of personal Beliefs and not worthy of thanks.
Finally i am not a cloned sheeple that trusts completely in Governments of man for any true Hope or Help in this life or of Governments help leading anyone into eternity which is really all that matters.
Since day one in the Garden Satan has lied about what Gods intent was for mankind and all creation and has desired to change and alter true genetics into freak unnatural creatures all ment to replace or redo what God created and said was Good for that which is not God created and evil.
Two forces at work, one is Gods natural creation, the other is Satans unnatural replacement, just as in the days of Noah, do we see genetic manipulations of Gods creation. Who is doing this manipulating? Satan and his followers are the ones helping mankind remake creation with the continual BS of this is gonna be alot better for everyone. Really?
Please allow me to present exebite a with all the GMO seeds for foods which are causing many differant illnesses at ever area of the human body. Are the GMO seeds good or bad?
True evidance shows that GMO seeds actually kill off natural seeds and eventually commit suicide. This may be why many nations refuse American foods even though they are starving to death, they know the truth of GMO's even in uneducated nations.
This also may be the reason for several seed vaults storing up TRILLIONS of natural seeds in expectation of the total collapse of GMO seeds and the need to RESTART afterwards.
Speaking of smoke, be sure and watch for Harbingers showing exactly what i'm saying as we go FOREWARD into that desired Global control of all humans on earth with Food being the next tool for control and wide spread disease intentionally spread for killing off people for that desired Utopia Number for those left behind.
Thanks for your opinion and concern for this Nonmember, and my ability to discern reality from fiction when it comes to the desired Global Union of ONE Government for Members only.
I still ain't getting your shot even if i did look you in the eye, nothing personal, i just don't believe in what you believe in pertaining to reality. But don't feel bad i do the same with Obama as well concerning fiction he tries to shove down peoples throats daily that he only means good for all, even though some are not included in the all he means to help.

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