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Home > News > Should Congress defund ‘Obamacare,’ even if it leads to a government shutdown?

Should Congress defund ‘Obamacare,’ even if it leads to a government shutdown?

Yes, Congress should prevent the law from being implemented.
61% (523 votes)
No, Congress should work to amend the law instead.
15% (127 votes)
No, the law should be implemented as it is currently written.
24% (203 votes)
Total votes: 853
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JohnPeterZenger 09/23/13 - 10:02 pm
Start asking vacuous

Start asking vacuous questions from the Clarion readers and you're bound to get vacuous answers.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/24/13 - 08:41 am
Thanks for this new word

Thanks for this new word vacuous SVP, I'll add it to my list.
This is a hard question for sure and it kind of comes in as a damned either way vote.
What I do know is this. America in two years during September 2015 around 911 will be on the verge of their last economic crash which more than likely will also bring some sort of war & destruction across America. On 911 America got our first warning to change, in September 2008 America got our second warning with the 777 point stock crash, so one could expect seven years later in 2015 to get our third and last warning before the total collapse of America. You can believe this or not, it's up to each one individually to read the warning signs and understand them.
The other thing I know about Obama care is that this governments desire to strip America of our Sovereign rights and Freedoms for a Socialist America is being carried out and is almost completed.
People are being lied too as well as exploited with the lust of the eye and greed for more stuff at the expense of others and this is being promoted as a good thing when in reality it is a very bad thing. This free stuff is intended to destroy peoples will to be independent for dependence upon a government to provide all things for all peoples.
It is not going to work and history shows it never has. What? You think this is the first form of socialist medicine promised to people world wide NOW with the name of Obama care? This socialist Utopia Agenda has always been around and always will be as long as men are in control of governments which desire to control others by one means or another for their own greedy desires and lusts for power over others.
What I see is a slow death of America due to our economic spending and maybe it is time to say ENOUGH ALREADY, and get down to reality of rebuilding America if that even is an option.
As I have warned many times, Trouble is coming our way locally, nationally & globally, so you had better be stocking up because the money train is eventually going to run out due to the inability of the Middle Class being able to pay for all this free stuff which others have now established as 'Their Rights.' They are even willing to fight to the death for their Free Stuff 'Rights' as evidenced from world news of nations which have already crashed.
The lust of the eye and pride of life are all being used as a greedy means to destroy America and the worlds economic system which will usher us all into a Global Society after the culling out of billions of peoples.
What has been, is what shall be, in this circle of life just as history past shows and history future promises. It's not going to be pretty either for anyone.
One day soon the teller machines will not push out money, nor will the Credit cards work at any electronic stations when & if you are even allowed to purchase things for daily survival for self or family, then what?
I don't know what the answer is about defunding Obama care and shutting down the govt. but this madness has got to stop some day for any chance of survival as a sovereign nation and free people, so why not now? Get-R-Done is the answer I guess and lets all see what comes next for mankind and God help us all.
What a mess this Hope in man kinds ability to solve our woes we are all involved in here and globally.

JohnPeterZenger 09/24/13 - 04:04 pm
I rest my case,

I rest my case,

Raoulduke 09/24/13 - 04:31 pm
Why is this called Obamacare

Why is this called Obamacare ?All Obama did was sign into law.What the Republicans have been trying to do for a couple of decades.So! Why are the Republicans wanting to allow the country to shutdown through obstructionist tactics,or denying 30 million AMERICANS affordable health care insurance.Oh! Yes! A kinder,gentler nation

JohnPeterZenger 09/25/13 - 10:00 am
Republicans used to call it

Republicans used to call it Romneycare, but ever since the country voted for Obama instead of that loser Romney, Republicans have stopped calling it Romneycare.

The proper name is the Affordable Care Act.

The Clarion's editorial staff joins in the obstructionism and the distortion when they call it Obamacare.

It's another demonstration of the Clarion editorial staff's lack of journalistic ethics.

It's another demonstration of the disservice the Clarion editorial staff visits upon their own readers.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/25/13 - 10:16 am
That affordable health care

That affordable health care is not going to be affordable to others that have to pay for it.
It's called Obamacare because he is the messiah now and takes credit for all actions involved in his Sharing Equally pyramid scam which no one has yet read to see what's in it.
No one has read it but we have super smart people that say it's going to be better than sliced bread and will be a gr8 provider of health care for every one. If it's so GR8 why then has ALL POLITICIANS made themselves exempt from it? And they put Bernie Madoff in prison for the same scam, go figure.
I don't think any of you who support this really have a clue of what it's all about and yet you perpetuate the lies of it's good.
We'll soon see after the fact and then what?
Breaking News any form of SOCIALISM is not Good no matter how one paints it to hide reality of what it really is.
Dogs always return to their vomit, and after a pig is washed it always returns to it's mire, so no matter how you want to dress this or tell lies about it's goodness it's always going to be what it is and that's a desired plan to destroy American individualism and sovereignty for a Global citizenry of government dependent peoples.
A WE ARE ONE UNION of forced membership.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/25/13 - 10:21 pm
Lack of BS in conversations

Lack of BS in conversations does seem to be a struggling point to some that flourish in such while demanding others do like wise does it not?
You can think what you want and type about it all you want just as I. But face it we will never agree probably on any thing and how could we being as different as we are ideologically?
But, I still like swapping words with you and do learn from you some things of interest, just not all things.
Shut it down and let the chips fall where they may is what I say because our ship is already sunk and we refuse to see the Signs of such and keep supporting stupidity from both parties in DC. Just Get-R-Done.
I guess Ditto would have sufficed here, Ops.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/26/13 - 11:56 am
I have as much evidence as

I have as much evidence as you in my opinion that we are a walking dead nation of governmental dependent people which has brought us far beyond the means of ever recovering from the debt that has been more than doubled under this One in the past 4+ years.
Yes SHUT IT DOWN, we are already beyond instilling pain and suffering on the people far beyond any Hopes of recovery. You are in fact the one that lacks the ability to separate fact from fiction pertaining to the reality of we are a dead nation locked in an inevitable game of waiting for the axe to fall and finish the job of destroying our sovereign national freedoms.
You by chance were not any abused spouse that has escaped and now tries to reestablish self worth by the continual degradation of others whose opinions differ from yours are you?
The way you talk is that anyone that differs from you is unrealistic and lacks intelligence. Sorry. Here is a reality check for you we're not insignificant or stupid as you would prefer us to be.
Only allowing this madness to continue promotes fear and suffering by a total stripping of life's accomplishments to be better our lives and giving them to others that have been promised Freedom which is actually slavery.
What ever a government is able to give you Freely with no work required, has first got to be taken from some one else that worked for it. It's not about helping people, it's about hurting all of us and bringing the entire nation under subjection and servitude.
Either your not as smart as you project, or your in agreement with this Neo-Socialist Dream and promote it's spread by continually attacking any and all who do not share this false dream of hope and change. This socialist society is the very same promised society of ages past which has always resulted in mass loss of life and property to governments and never has produced the desired results for the betterment of mankind.
Your continual speaking out a plethora of arrogant words of vanity as you try to entice others to follow the leader off the cliff for fleshly desires of greed and lusts for things changes nothing. It does though merely points out the fact that you are yet another False prophet spreading lies to mislead the uninformed lazy masses who seek to be lead and cared for by an all encompassing government, rather than providing for self.
So we are at an impasse and you claim I'm wrong and I know you are wrong as all evidence past & present show.
Have a GR8 day and remember who love you.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/26/13 - 08:31 pm
Bull. Bull-B U L L E I E I

Bull. Bull-B U L L E I E I O.

Shut-R-Down and start over.
I just watched BO talking on July 3, 2008, where Obama slammed Bush Jr because the debt raised from $4 Trillion after 8 years to almost $9 Trillion.
Now under BO it's climbed from $9 Trillion to $16 Trillion, that's an increase of $7 Trillion in 4+ years, so who is a criminal here, Bush or BO? So how high will it be in 3+ more years under BO and will BO still be blaming Bush then?
We are in some major troubles for EVERYONE other than government or billionairs.

JohnPeterZenger 09/27/13 - 10:05 am
Where do you get your fiction

Where do you get your fiction from?

Care to cite a source for that fiction?

akmscott 09/27/13 - 02:52 pm
You will find the same

You will find the same numbers where-ever you poll!And yet these socialist can't understand-WE DON'T WANT IT!

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/27/13 - 10:01 pm
Oh No, Oh No, what are we

Oh No, Oh No, what are we going to do? On November 18th is a scheduled mass rally demanding BO step down, will this stop Clinton Care or cause that desired civil unrest they desire to declare the Constitution null & void?
That Arab winter is coming to America looks like. I wonder if the US Government will give millions of dollars and non-stop weapons and ammo to these Freedom fighter in November like they do all the Islamic freedom fighters world wide?
How long can we kick this debt can down the road before we have no more credit. This madness has got to end sooner than later as even the simplest minded can figure that out.
What a mess even a child could figure out simple economics of no money no spending.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/28/13 - 07:42 am
Just reporting the news there

Just reporting the news there SVP, I mean JPZ. Mass rally demanding BO resign in November.
What part of all this being a mess and leading to all kinds of troubles for America don't you understand?
This pretend caring for Americans wanting Clinton Care for all is one of the biggest distortions of truth ever as the elite could careless about any of us expendables. Bush SR and all of the Presidents since him. Your pretending your inability of No Comprender is also wrong, as you fully get what I'm talking about.
As the 62% have voted here, along with quit a few other polls as of late by many news agencies al showing basically the same thing of Americans don't want this junk.

JohnPeterZenger 09/28/13 - 10:16 am
That's not 'news', it's a

That's not 'news', it's a fantasy.

You want to know about the Affordable Care Act?

Want to know how it will impact you?

Go here:

So far, nothing you've offered bears any relation to reality.

None, nothing you're repeating has any basis in fact.

It's just crazy talk.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/28/13 - 09:17 pm
Yep! That's exactly where

Yep! That's exactly where I'll go to learn anything about what the govt. is doing, they can be trusted that's for sure.
Lets see how they can be trusted to report the truth. The Navy ship yard building murders that supposedly were committed with a military AR15. The FBI accidently showed the killer sneaking thru the offices carrying a pump shotgun. Isn't that what Joe Bidden said was the best weapon to have. Oops! those dang hallway cameras that reveal the truth about lies told to pressure gun control of Simi auto military style weapons. Dang shotgun is now a military style weapon I guess. Yep! I'll look up and believe what a Govt. site says as the GOSPEL. NOT.
This killer listened to Biden and also ELF's, extra low frequencies supposedly controlling his actions like a trained animal, all of which is a government program to do just that, control different beings.
We'll see tomorrow if EVERYONES Senators listen to and vote according to the majority of polls by many different sources Nationally all saying stop Clinton Care, even if it shuts down the Govt. as the Madness has got to stop someday, so it might as well be Oct. 1st.
Have a GR8 nights sleep and spread out your info getting circles.

JohnPeterZenger 09/28/13 - 10:24 pm
'info getting circles'?

'info getting circles'?

lagopusmutus 09/29/13 - 06:32 am
With 139,422 Alaskans (21%)

With 139,422 Alaskans (21%) uninsured; emergency rooms are busy and costs are high.

JohnPeterZenger 09/29/13 - 09:19 am
The Affordable Care Act will

The Affordable Care Act will drive those costs down.

And, those uninsured can no longer be denied coverage.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/29/13 - 09:45 am
So how long will we sit in

So how long will we sit in the hospital paying rent for rooms when we get in afterwards?
It's not going to help anyone anywhere period. NO ONE. Another question is where are all the doctors going to come from that support this Clinton Care as the majority of doctors and nurses I've talked to the last due to my wife's visits for her finger operations this year all say it stinks and will not help anyone. In fact they claim it will drive us into a SOCIAL MEDICINE which helps no one.
It's not going to help anyone and it's not intended to help.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 09/29/13 - 08:11 pm
Your getting close to your

Your getting close to your special number of comments there SVP sitting at 657 now, are you going to top all your other Falsehoods with it's arrival by telling us a super-duper whopper of how GR8 this junk is when the majority of us know it's not?
Everything will rise in costs and more unemployment will happen, with FAR less services available and many people will be denied services and in spite of what BO said you will not be able to keep your same doctor or insurance due to being out of network and coverage's being denied.

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