Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Religious freedom healthcare group threatens coverage

The new federal unit that is being created under the ruse of freedom of conscience will jeopardize health care. The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division... Read more

Letter to the editor: Thanks to Builders Association supporters

On behalf of the Kenai Peninsula Builders Association (KPBA) Board of Directors, we’d like to offer a heartfelt thank you to those member companies and... Read more

Dunleavy’s campaign speech misleading

Dunleavy’s campaign speech misleading

Read more

Thanks to supporters for Thanksgiving in Sterling

Thanks to all of our Sterling entities who helped to provide food for approximately 70 families needing a helping hand for both Thanksgiving and Christmas... Read more

Letter to the editor: Support Stand for Salmon

Here we are in 2017, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, a place still somewhat wild, still living with the populations of advancing time, a place... Read more

Letter to the editor: Give Jesus a gift this Christmas

Many Christians know that Christmas is the season for commemorating Jesus’ birthday. But how many Christians give a gift to him at Christmas?... Read more

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