Madden would defend PFD in House

Madden would defend PFD in House


As Alaskans, we understand the danger of feeding bears. They quickly learn that you are a source of food. Whether or not you’re there when they return, they will find others and expect them to produce food. The pattern started by feeding the bears. When the bear rips into a family because they don’t have anything to feed it, the person that fed the bear is culpable.

As Alaskans, we are being asked to give up a chunk of our PFDs to feed the “bears.” Their appetite for spending other people’s money grows larger each fiscal year. Now they want to spend billions that they do not have, thus your PFD is in their sights.

Many exasperatedly say, “Take my PFD, just don’t give me a tax increase!” But when we feed the bears, they come back. Democrats say we should expand government with a hefty state income tax. Many Republicans wring their hands and concede. If we gave the politicians our entire PFD, do you believe this protects us from future over-runs that will bring the hungry bear back against our families? If we gave the entire Permanent Fund to the politicians, they’d quickly burn through it and be back for more. We’d then get a state income tax, state sales tax and more. The bear will be larger and hungrier than ever, so get ready to use your savings or retirement to pay your future tax debts!

But this is not the future we must choose for our children; we can elect fiscal conservatives to stop the tax and spend politicians and prevent them from passing ridiculous budgets we can’t afford. Raiding the PFD is a symptom of the overspending our government has grown accustomed to. Even “conservatives” say you and your children should give the government a massive chunk of your PFD to close the budget gap, and then we need to cap spending so it doesn’t run out of control again. But why wait for looting before we protect ourselves against pirates? Stop political piracy NOW!

Of the Permanent Fund, politicians already got their cut. 25 percent of mineral proceeds divert to the Permanent Fund – the rest to the politicians. Now the bear gets the lion’s share of our Dividends?

I have faced down a bear. I told him these were MY fish and there would be no negotiations. When he refused my answer, I explained that I could patch the holes and wear his hide with style. I’ve faced down bears before. I’m willing to do it again.

I’m Greg Madden, running for Alaska House, District 31. I’m tired of tax and spend liberalism that has us headed at high speed for financial shoals. I’m no politician; I’m just a citizen fed up with the insanity of Juneau politics enough to enter the fight to make a difference. I’m all in. Can I count on your support?

Greg Madden


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Madden would defend PFD in House

Madden would defend PFD in House

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