Photo: Hazardous flying conditions

A flock of ravens scatters when a gust of wind blows through the group as it tries to take off on Sunday in Kenai. Sunday morning brought temperatures around zero, strong winds and blowing snow to the western Kenai Peninsula, part of a stormsystem moving across Southcentral Alaska. The National Weather Service issued a warning about hazardous driving conditions after the drastic change in weather between sunny, cold Saturday and blustery Sunday. Several inches of snow were possible Sunday on the peninsula and in Kodiak. Temperatures were predicted to rise rapidly along the Gulf of Alaska coast beginning Monday, with rain following snow. It wasn’t clear how much warm air would be brought into the area by the system, according to the announcement, but “difficult travel conditions across much of Southcentral over the next several days are increasingly likely, especially for the Monday morning and evening commutes” as the rain turned to ice on the roadways. (Elizabeth Earl/Peninsula Clarion)

A flock of ravens scatters when a gust of wind blows through the group as it tries to take off on Sunday in Kenai. Sunday morning brought temperatures around zero, strong winds and blowing snow to the western Kenai Peninsula, part of a stormsystem moving across Southcentral Alaska. The National Weather Service issued a warning about hazardous driving conditions after the drastic change in weather between sunny, cold Saturday and blustery Sunday. Several inches of snow were possible Sunday on the peninsula and in Kodiak. Temperatures were predicted to rise rapidly along the Gulf of Alaska coast beginning Monday, with rain following snow. It wasn’t clear how much warm air would be brought into the area by the system, according to the announcement, but “difficult travel conditions across much of Southcentral over the next several days are increasingly likely, especially for the Monday morning and evening commutes” as the rain turned to ice on the roadways. (Elizabeth Earl/Peninsula Clarion)


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