KPBSD to go live next week

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is going live on Nov. 14 when Superintendent Sean Dusek will login to Facebook in an online question and answer session.


This is the first time the district will be using Facebook live, in lieu of in-person meetings or scripted video broadcasts. The virtual meeting, which starts at 7 p.m., will last for 30 minutes. Anyone interested in viewing the live event, or asking questions, can do so through the district’s Facebook page.

“Part of it is meeting people where they are,” said district spokesperson Pegge Erkeneff. “It’s a wonderful forum to be able to invite people to ask questions in the comments and have it be a live, interactive conversation.”

Dusek will begin the live event with a brief statement before responding to questions submitted through the Facebook live event. Questions can be asked in real time or submitted through the event page ahead of time.

“People will be able to ask specific questions during the event,” Erkeneff said. “And it saves as a video so people who couldn’t watch it live, can go back and watch it.”

Participants can watch and interact through their computer, phone or tablet.

“The idea is meeting people more where they are and to make it more convenient for people to ask questions,” Erkeneff said.

“… It’s a new platform to test and my hope is to expand and domes something every month, and when there are timely things to explain we can use this platform.”

Erkeneff said that the Facebook live event is replacing the three meet and greets that the district held last fall. She hopes that this virtual event will be more accessible to a wider audience throughout the district.

“It’s an innovative way to convey information, but also respond to questions from people,” Erkeneff said.

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