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What others say: One more step needed for Haspel

Gina Haspel has shown she has all the qualities to become the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, except one.

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What others say: Fascination with the British monarchy endures

It was an English monarch who purportedly said, “No news is better than evil news,” and thereby launched an enduring (though now somewhat less wordy)... Read more

What others say: ‘The other shallow things will not matter’

William Bernbach, a titan of Madison Avenue who died in 1982, said, “If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.” The spinmeisters for Ram... Read more

What others say: Administration should come clean on Flynn, Russia

Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, was fired weeks ago, but his ties to Russia keep raising questions this White House won’t answer... Read more

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