Stitching it all together

Quilting on the Kenai event kicks off

Kenai Peninsula quilters, now is your time to shine.


More than 110 quilts and garments are on display beginning today at Cook Inlet Academy as the Quilting on the Kenai event begins.

This year marks the 17th year the event has taken place, and Pat Reese, owner of Robin Place Fabrics and head organizer, says the event is a great place for local artists and quilters to display their work.

"I think it showcases the artistic talent that comes out of this community," Reese said. "I have heard time and again from people that travel through or come in to my shop, that we really do have a wonderful venue of quilters that are very, very talented ladies."

Do not let that quote fool you - there are men involved as well. Jack Ross entered a quilt that was made mostly with neck ties.

Ross's wife, Robin, has a design-original quilt entered in the show and helped with the set-up. She summed up what goes into her quilting.

"A lot of fun, a lot of frustration, a lot of time-consuming, and just the need to express your artistic side," she said.

The three-day event is mainly organized by Reese, but she had quite a bit of help.

"There's a whole lot of people that actually work on the show, it's from the quilting community as a whole," said Barbara Steckel, a volunteer who was helping set up the show.

Steckel said quilts came in from Seward and Homer, making Quilting on the Kenai a Peninsula-wide collaboration.

This year's event will include a Quilt Show, where visitors can interact with the artists and participate in demonstrations and workshops that will take place for about a week after the actual event.

"We have a few mini-classes so they can learn here, we have a ‘make it, take it,' that's another opportunity for people to learn and do," Reese said.

There will be a Quilt Walk that includes 14 local merchants and will be open for two weeks.

"If they visit all of the merchants and have their passports initialed, they have an opportunity to win (prizes) from the merchants," Reese said.

On Saturday at 7:30 p.m., there will be an Art-to-Wear Fashion Show at the Soldotna Church of God featuring special presentations by Rachel D.K. Clark, Jan Krentz, K.C. Lowe, and Lorraine Torrence.

Clark and Krentz, nationally known teachers, will host their own workshops to go along with the presentations.

"Jen Krentz has been voted teacher of the year in the past by her peers, and Rachel D.K. Clark is known for her unique garments," Reese said.

Torrence will be showing three pieces that have competed for awards, and Lowe has traveled to Australia and Scotland and has learned different techniques and uses different natural dyes, according to Reese.

Tickets to all events will be available at Robin Place Fabrics or at the door.

For more information about Quilting on the Kenai, visit Or call Robin Place Fabrics at 262-5438.