Miller takes on Obama, Alaska Republicans

Former Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller returned to Juneau Tuesday, accompanied by some of his current political allies and continuing to challenge the Nov. 2010 election he lost at the polls — and then again in the courts.


But where Miller says he’s really been vindicated is in claims about opponent Lisa Murkowski, who bested him in a history-making write-in campaign.

“It’s been absolutely no surprise, she’s been voting as we portrayed her during the campaign, as a liberal,” he said.

Passing through Juneau during a Tea Party at Sea cruise aboard the Celebrity Millennium, Miller met with local supporters Tuesday evening.

Miller explained his new political action committee, or PAC, and website,, which he said which will represent and organize citizens now ignored by the state’s institutions and political parties.

Miller said the PAC would focus on key races in the state, probably only a handful, in primary and general elections, probably for the Legislature and statewide offices and possibly even local races.

Miller said the PAC will raise some money, but will mostly be used to organize committed supporters, which he said is how he won the Republican primary.

“What won that race is the volunteers on the ground,” he said.

Many of those who gathered at the Nugget Mall Tuesday evening had participated in the recount following the Senate race, where Miller supporters challenged as many Murkowski write-in votes as possible, hoping to sway the race to their candidate.

Tuesday, Miller continued to fight the battle he lost in court, where he challenged specific misspelled write-in ballots he said shouldn’t been counted. Tuesday, he said members of Gov. Sean Parnell’s administration, the courts and the state’s power structure worked together to keep him from winning.

He said he proved that during the court case, but was ruled against anyway.

“The allegations that I made were all substantiated,” he said.

Murkowski’s victory was larger than the total of all the votes the Miller campaign challenged, but he said many ballot boxes were not adequately secured and votes may have been changed or otherwise tampered with.

Changes made to state elections law by the Alaska Legislature during the last session leave the state still susceptible to election fraud, he said.

“It just rubber stamped a bad decision by the (state) Supreme Court,” he said.

Other tea party activists accompanied Miller to the Nugget Mall from the cruise as they tried to fire up a dozen or so supporters from Juneau.

He said the turnout was pretty good, given that Juneau is “not necessarily a bastion of conservatism.” The comment drew rueful chuckles from the audiences.

Jerome Corsi, author of “Obama Nation,” an attack on President Barack Obama, and former Saturday Night Live cast member Victoria Jackson made even harsher attacks on Obama than did Miller.

Corsi said Obama isn’t qualified to be president because he isn’t a natural-born citizen, despite the president’s public release of a copy of his birth certificate.

“I’m still saying that what we’ve seen is a forgery,” he said.

Corsi challenged Obama’s Christianity, as well as his politics.

“There’s a communist living in the White House,” he said.

Jackson said she only recently got involved in politics and discovered that Obama was a communist. She endorsed Miller’s call for tea party members to get involved in efforts such as serving as local poll workers, which she said now are “mostly old hippies.”

Miller said he hasn’t ruled against running against Sen. Mark Begich, Rep. Don Young, or even Murkowski again in five years.


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