Fall weather to continue

For those of you anticipating a change of weather, don’t hold your breath. The wonderful fall Alaskan weather is expected to continue, Alaska Weather Service Lead Forecaster Andy Brown said Tuesday.

September is a “transition period,” Brown said, which means bigger storms are starting to develop and move into the Gulf of Alaska.

“It’s just that transition time of year that we’re getting into a more active pattern,” Brown said. “We’ll see more storms like this.”

Brown said there is hope for some sun before winter hits, and it could be as early as this week.

“I think later this week we will see a brief ridge of high pressure that will build in before the next storm hits us,” he said. “The high pressure should provide us for a day or two of nice weather. Should is the key word.”

The rough weather the last couple days has been the status quo for the Kenai Peninsula.

“August is typically the wettest time of year for Southcentral Alaska,” he said. “It’s not that unusual to see some of these flooding events this time of year. We did get a lot of rain over the Peninsula the last 24-48 hours.”

As fall approaches, Brown said to expect more of the same.

“September and October storms get bigger and stronger,” he said. “It’s just how it goes up here in Alaska.”


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