More than lip service for Nikiski firefighters

Mustache contest raises money for Christmas stockings

The Nikiski Fire Department is raising money in a unique way: growing mustaches. The department is raising money with its first non-annual Merry Christmas Mustache fundraiser. The proceeds will go to the Nikiski Senior Center to support its goal of giving Christmas stockings to people who will be alone during Christmas. The stockings are funded by local businesses and organized by BK Kivi at the senior center. “I told (BK) that we’d try to pitch in a little bit and get more stockings out there — and help deliver them,” Nikiski fire fighter Levi Doss said. “I thought it would be a fun way to support that.” Last year, said Doss, the organizer of the competition, the project had a budget of $600, donated by local businesses, and was able to provide more than 100 stockings. So far, the fire department has raised $200 with the hope of doubling that number by the end of the competition. “We started last month, and it’s going to stop right before Christmas,” Doss said. “People want to make sure they’re shaved for their Christmas pictures. “They don’t want to look like they look now.” The mustaches will be judged and awards will be given out in various categories. “Youngest looking ‘stache,” “Most likely to win a fight,” “Best Magnum PI” and “Best seventh-grade mustache,” among others, make up the 15 categories. The competition also comes with some rules. There is only one mustache allowed per person and there can be no proxy mustaches. In addition, each participant must pay a $20 entry fee, which is where the donation money comes from. Since this is the first year for the competition, Doss said if everything runs smoothly, changes could be made next year. “We’ll kind of do the same thing, but we’ll try to get pledges,” Doss said. “Try to make it a little bit better.” Doss said there are two fire fighters who normally wear mustaches, so having the competition would allow the rest to look goofy for a purpose. “Everyone (else) in our opinion looks funny with mustaches,” Doss said. “So we thought it’d be a good time.” “We get heckled everywhere we go,” he said.”


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