Prisoner charged with attempted murder

A Spring Creek Correctional Center inmate is being charged with first-degree attempted murder, as well as first-degree assault.


On July 3, Mark Todd Spencer allegedly intended to cause death to Floyd Boshears at or near Seward and the correctional center, according to a Dec. 16 indictment.

The second count listed on the indictment—first-degree assault—alleges Spencer caused serious physical injury to Boshears with an aluminum bat. The assault occurred at the correctional center, according to an Alaska State Troopers report.

Boshears was taken to Anchorage for treatment of life-threatening injuries sustained during the assault. His next of kin were notified, and the investigation continued. After several months of hospital treatment, Boshears’ health made improvements, according to the Trooper report.

Spencer is incarcerated at the correctional center while Boshears is not, according to a prison administrator.

Both men have a criminal record.

Spencer previously was charged with assault, robbery, burglary, theft and promoting contraband, according to court records. Boshears’ charges include multiple counts of robbery and resisting arrest, according to court records.

Arraignment is schedule for Dec. 27 at the Kenai Courthouse.

Couple on vacation have vehicle stolen

Kenai Police Department officials have alleged a couple recently committed burglary, theft and vehicle theft.

Kathleen M. Booth and Matthew Stough are charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree theft, first-degree vehicle theft, tampering with evidence and fourth-degree criminal mischief. All charges are class B or C felonies, excluding criminal mischief. 

The alleged burglary occurred Dec. 15. A Kenai police officer responded to a residence when it was discovered there were tracks in Dallas and Mary Armstrong’s driveway, who were on vacation in Mexico and having their house watched by a friend, according to court records. 

The friend alerted Kenai police, and the officer determined someone gained entry by breaking a window out of the backdoor, according to court records. 

Upon returning to Kenai the Armstrongs reported many items stolen, including prescription medications, a 32-inch television and 45 pieces of jewelry. A Toyota truck was stolen as well, according to court records.

Kenai police received an anonymous tip regarding the stolen truck on Dec. 19. It was located down a trail next to the Salamantof shooting range near an Oldsmobile SUV, which contained items taken from the truck, according to court records.

Following investigation and obtaining a search warrant, police searched Stough’s trailer. Police reported during the search many of the stolen items were recovered including the jewelry.

The Toyota’s key was located in a pink bag. Booth denied knowledge of the burglary, but indicated the pink bag belonged to her, according to court records. 

In July, Booth was charged with giving false information to an officer regarding her identity, according to court records.

Alaska State Troopers reported responding to an argument near Kenai River Avenue. Booth identified herself as Amy Hensley during questioning. After consenting to a search of her purse, Troopers discovered Booth had an arrest warrant, according to court records. She was arrested for the arrest warrant and making a false report, according to court records.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 3 at the Kenai Courthouse. 


Stolen credit cards lead to charges

A 34-year-old man is being charged with stealing a stranger’s credit card and charging purchases to the card multiple times.

Prosecutors have charged Brian Ruff with multiple counts of second-degree theft and fraudulent use of an access device, both of which are class C felonies. 

On Dec. 6, Soldotna Police Officer Aaron Renken responded to a report of someone using a stolen credit card at Fred Meyer, according to court records. 

Store security identified Ruff for the officer after staff seized the stolen credit card, according to court records.

Officer Renken reported that Ruff said a Mike Bloeser, who he had known for a month, gave the card to him, and he was allowed to use the card because Bloeser owed him $150.

Store security said the card was used several times, according to court records. It was allegedly used multiple times on Dec. 4 for the amounts of $90.45, $431.85 and $14.80, and on Dec. 5 for the amounts of $252.21 and $71.91. 

Bloeser advised he did not know Ruff or provide him with his credit card, according to court records. 

Ruff is on conditions of release from a DUI arrest. 

A trial is scheduled for the week of March 3, 2011 at the Kenai Courthouse.