New Year's catch

Jasper Blake Dormady first baby of 2012 at CPH
Sarah and Kenny Dormady show off their new baby Jasper Blake on Tuesday afternoon. He was born Monday.

The Dormady clan has spent a lot of time watching four brothers play football at Kenai Central High School. Monday, they gathered at Central Peninsula Hospital where Kenny Dormady, 25, caught something a little different than a football: his first son.


“To be able to catch him and cut his umbilical cord, that was cool,” Kenny said.

Sarah Dormady, 29, gave birth to Jasper Blake Dormady at 5:23 a.m. Jan. 2. 

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” Sarah said Tuesday afternoon, still at the hospital. “It was perfect.”

Kenny agreed.

Sarah and Kenny’s son was the first baby born at CPH this year, earning him the New Year’s Baby designation.

“He came out a star,” Kenny said.

At birth, Jasper weighed just over 7 pounds, and was 19 and 3/4 inches. He had a 13-inch head and a 13-inch chest.

“He has a barrel chest,” Kenny said. “He’s built.”

That bodes well for the oldest Dormady boy, who already has four girl cousins on his dad’s side, and three more on his mom’s side.

“He’s going to carry on the Dormady name,” Kenny said.

When Jasper made his appearance, just Sarah, Kenny, two nurses and a doctor were present. But the whole family was listening. Kenny’s family --— his mom, dad, three brothers and two of their significant others — was just outside the door. Multiple phones were on speaker phone, one keeping Sarah’s sister in the loop and another connecting Sarah’s mom to the action. She and Sarah’s dad had to leave before the baby was born.

“She got to listen to her grandson being born over the phone,” Sarah said.

Jasper was due Dec. 28.

“We decided to wait, let him make his decision,” Kenny said.

After nine months preparing for the baby — remodeling part of their Soldotna house, decorating the nursery, and working full-time — the wait gave the couple some downtime.

“This is really our break for the year,” Kenny said.

They didn’t realize he could be a New Year’s Baby.

“It wasn’t even a thought until we got here,” Sarah said.

Five other women came in on Jan. 1, but no one else had given birth at CPH by Jan. 3, Sarah said.

Sarah and Kenny Dormady celebrated New Year’s Eve at their house with Kenny’s best friend, his wife, and that couple’s 3-week old son. New Year’s Day, Sarah’s contractions started around 11 a.m. From there, the birth went smoothly, she said.

Sarah and Kenny got to CPH about 6:30 p.m. January 1. She was admitted after about two hours of walking.

“We were in labor here less than 12 hours,” Sarah said.

The duo had planned a natural birth all along, and they stuck with that plan on Jan. 1. The two walked the halls at CPH waiting for Jasper to arrive. Sarah listened to Jack Johnson on Pandora to stay calm.

“First baby, no medication, and I only pushed for an hour,” Sarah said.

The hospital staff made it a good experience, Sarah and Kenny said.

“They were amazing,” both said.

Due to a little jaundice, the Dormadys said Tuesday that Jasper might have to spend that night at the hospital. Then they’re hoping to take him home to his Winnie the Pooh-themed nursery. Sarah and Kenny chose the theme before they knew his gender, when they were looking for something unisex. 

Among the gifts the hospital gave them for having the first baby of 2012 was a red, blue and yellow baby quilt with teddy bears on it that should match Jasper’s yellow room.

Starting a new year with their family’s new addition was the best gift, they said.

“We spent most of the year getting ready for him,” Kenny said.

Now they’ll start the new year caring for him. 

Sarah gets at least seven weeks of maternity leave before heading back to work at the Soldotna Post Office, where she has been the acting postmaster, she said.

Kenny is scheduled to go back to work on the east side of the Cook Inlet Thursday where he’s a contractor for ConocoPhillips. He was glad his son was born before he left, he said.

“I caught him when he came out and I cut his umbilical cord and gave him his first bath,” Kenny said.

Kenny said he’s already excited to see what his son grows up to become. He’s already alert to what’s happening around him — except when he’s asleep.

“When he’s awake, he’s looking around,” Kenny said.


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