Woman arraigned in forging prescription case

A 28-year-old woman charged with allegedly forging more than 40 prescription slips to obtain oxycodone tablets was arraigned Tuesday at the Kenai Courthouse. 


Charges against Shannon Lee Auldridge include scheme to defraud, 41 counts of second-degree forgery, second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance and 41 counts of fourth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance.  

The 41 second-degree forgery charges, class C felonies, specify dates and locations on which the defendant used forged prescriptions to obtain 180 oxycodone tablets, according to a Feb. 17 indictment.

Auldridge is represented by Attorney David Landry and remains out of custody on a $5,000 appearance bond. 

Judge Carl Bauman set the defendant’s terms of probation, noting the case was composed of “very serious charges” including a class A felony.

Auldridge was ordered to possess no medications except those validly prescribed and obtained at an authorized pharmacy. 

Using forged prescriptions between August 2010 and May 2011, Auldridge obtained tablets from Safeway in Kenai and Soldotna, Three Bears, Fred Meyer and Walmart, according to the indictment. 

The defense requested an additional condition of mandatory drug treatment. 

“It’s a substance abuse problem,” Landry said. “We would like to get her in treatment.”

Scot Leaders, district attorney, expressed concern over how admission to treatment could affect the case. Treatment is generally ordered by the state with other conditions. The two parties agreed to work it out. 

The probation conditions were “remarkably lenient” given the charges, Bauman said.

A trial is scheduled for May 21 at the Kenai Courthouse. 


Marijuana growing operation discovered in Seward

While executing a search warrant on a home in Seward on Feb. 24, Alaska State Troopers discovered a commercial marijuana growing operation. 

Troopers seized a total of 29 plants and growing equipment. 

During the search, it was discovered the homeowners attempted to flush evidence down the toilet. 

Carrie Klossner, 47, and Michael Klossner, 44, both of Seward were arrested and taken to Spring Creek Correctional Center.

Charges against the homeowners include three counts of fourth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance and one count of tampering with evidence, all class C felonies.