Marshals nab fugitives in Homer

Deputy marshals with the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force about 9 p.m. Sunday arrested two Ohio fugitives charged with meth manufacturing at a Pennock Street home in Homer. Robert Davis, 43, and Cheri Kuss, 37, were two of northern Ohio’s “dangerous dozen” most wanted list. Deputy marshals, with assistance from Homer Police, Homeland Security and the Alaska State Troopers, nabbed Davis and Kuss without incident, said David Long of Anchorage, deputy supervisor for the violent offender task force.


Davis and Kuss, of Portage County, Ohio, faced federal charges of illegally manufacturing methamphetamine, tampering with evidence and child endangering. Kuss also was charged with drug trafficking, drug possession and firearms charges.

Deputy marshals in Ohio provided information to the Alaska task force in locating the couple in Homer.

David and Kuss aren’t the first Midwestern fugitives marshals tracked to Homer. In March 2006, marshals and police got in a shootout with Jason Anderson, a Minnesota man also wanted on federal meth dealing charges. Anderson shot himself and his 2-year-old boy in the incident. He died and his son suffered severe brain damage.

Long didn’t know why Davis and Kuss came to Homer in the winter.

“I assume to get out of Ohio,” Long said. “That didn’t work. If they’re running up here, they’re running the wrong way.”

According to the Portage County, Ohio, Record, Davis allegedly made meth at an Atwater, Ohio, home, and caused an explosion and fire. Davis and Kuss fled after being released on bail.

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