Trimble wins 2012 Homer Winter King Tournament

A 34.85-pound king salmon caught off the bluff put a smiling Emmitt Trimble of Homer in the winner’s seat of Sunday’a 2012 Homer Winter King Tournament, sponsored by the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.


Fishing on the Serenity, co-captained by Trimble’s son-in-law Aaron Isenhour, Trimble’s winnings total $9,954, plus additional side bets. The side bet results won’t be official until later in the week.

Trimble and Isenhour whooped and hollered when the weigh-in station scales at Coal Point Trading Company hit the 34.85-pound mark.

“When you get the winning fish, you know it,” said an excited Isenhour.

Nevertheless, Isenhour and Trimble, owner-broker of Coastal Realty, kept a close eye on the scales as other entries were put on the scales.

The tournament was scheduled for Saturday, but reports of eight-foot swells off Seldovia and winds gusting to 27 miles per hours around Flat Island caused tournament organizers to push the event back a day.

While the one-day postponement resulted in some cancellations of fishermen unable to fish on Sunday, there were still 133 boats with 475 anglers dropping their hooks into the water at 9 a.m. Within the first hour, a dozen fish had been reported caught. Before the end of the tournament at 4 p.m., 97 fish had been reeled in, according to Paula Frisinger, derby coordinator.

The top 10 fish scored cash prizes, with fish in the 11th-20th places awarded merchandise prizes.

The top 20 prize winners were:

First: Emmitt Trimble of Homer, fishing on the Serenity, 34.85-pound king salmon, $9,954;

Second: Patrick J. Marre of Wasilla, fishing on the Thunder Bay, 26.30-pound king salmon, $6,636;

Third: Art York of Homer, fishing on the Miss Parker, 25.15-pound king salmon, $5,214;

Fourth: Kathy Bird of Homer, fishing on the Casper, 24.60-pound king salmon, $3,792;

Fifth: Thomas Huff of Fritz Creek, fishing on the B.B., 24.20-pound king salmon, $2,844;

Sixth: Ron Anderson of Anchorage, fishing on the Independence, 23.60-pound king salmon, $2,370;

Seventh: Richard A. DiCarlo of Homer, fishing in the Nevaeh Bay, 22.90-pound king salmon, $1,896;

Eighth: Tim Dillon of Seldovia, fishing on the Edna Francis, 22.50-pound king salmon, $1,422;

Ninth: Christopher Moss of Homer, fishing on the Sand Dollar, 22.35-pound king salmon, $948;

10th: Jim Hanson of Homer, fishing on the Daze Off, 22.30-pound king salmon; $474;

11th: Dennis Bird of Homer, fishing on the Casper, 22.20-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

12th: Ian Sinclair of Ninilchik, fishing on the Bonita, 22.00-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

13th: Jim St. Peter of Ninilchik, fishing on the Big But, 21.95-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

14th Bill Bixby of Soldotna, fishing on the Retta K, 21.95-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

15th: Tom Harmer of Anchorage, fishing on Kitchen Pass II, 21.70-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

16th: Gary Stonaker of Soldotna, fishing on the Tillie Jane, 21.50-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

17th: Sheri Carr of Homer, fishing on the Willo Wah, 21.05-pound king salmon, merchandize prize;

18th: Steven Myers of Wasilla, fishing on the Kachemak King, 20.90-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

19th: Pete Robinson of Anchorage, fishing on the Skookum, 20.70-pound king salmon, merchandise prize;

20th: Robert E. Hall of Kenai, fishing on the Equss, 20.05-pound king salmon, merchandise prize.

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