Soldotna meets to vote on emergency water reservoir project

Engineers inspecting the partially collapsed roof on one of Soldotna’s two water tanks have recommended the tank be demolished.


The Soldotna City Council will meet in a special session at 5 p.m. Thursday in the council chambers to discuss an emergency ordinance appropriating funding for the demolition and a resolution waiving formal bidding procedures on the contract.

“It’s not necessarily an emergency, but if we don’t tear it down immediately ... there could be some issues,” City Manager Mark Dixson said.

The next regularly scheduled Soldotna Council meeting is Nov. 28 and Dixson said the city could not wait that long to act as engineers told the city a heavy snow load could cause the tank to collapse completely.

Bid packets were sent out on Friday and set to be returned Wednesday, Dixson said. He said the city sent out packets to companies it knows are capable of the quick demolition.

“Our utilities manager has talked to the firms, they knew it was coming,” he said.

He said bidders would have to include a time line for removal in their bids.

Damage to the foundation made total demolition preferable to attempting to repair the building, Dixson said.

“It wouldn’t make much sense to try to do some repairs to the exterior of the reservoir,” he said.

— Rashah McChesney


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