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Militia member sentenced to 26 years

Posted: January 7, 2013 - 11:02pm

ANCHORAGE — An Alaska militia member convicted of conspiring to kill public officials and of amassing weapons was sentenced Monday to nearly 26 years in prison, when proceedings were disrupted by his frequent and profanity-laden outbursts questioning the authority of the court.

Judge Robert Bryan sentenced Lonnie Vernon, 57, during a nearly hour-long hearing at U.S. District Court in Anchorage on charges of conspiracy to murder federal officials and stockpiling weapons such as silencers and grenades for use in attacks.

In a separate case, Vernon and his wife pleaded guilty in August to planning to kill a federal judge and an Internal Revenue Service officer in a property tax dispute. His sentencing was combined, getting concurrent 310-month terms on the conspiracy charges and 60-months on the weapons charge.

In a far less dramatic hearing later Monday, his wife, Karen Vernon, 67, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Before she was sentenced, Karen Vernon apologized and said her “words and actions were not intended to harm anyone.”

She also apologized “to family and friends for the shame and embarrassment this has all caused, and I mean that. I truly do.”

Prosecutors sought more than 15 years for her. Her defense attorney argued for a five-year sentence given her age and lack of criminal history.

Throughout his hearing, Lonnie Vernon was vocal, demanding several times that prosecutors and the judge prove their jurisdiction over him.

“I want to find out who the hell you people really are,” Vernon said. “Nobody has proved jurisdiction.”

“I reside in the state of Alaska, not in your government realm. I am sovereign,” Vernon said.

The militiaman steadfastly maintained his sovereign rights, and asked marshals to arrest prosecutors. “I want you to arrest these people until they prove who they are.”

Bryan told him, “This court has jurisdiction over you. If you don’t agree with it, you can take it to a higher court.”

Vernon responded, “Better yet, let’s take it to a lower court. The common law court.”

He claimed the case that ensnared him and other militia members was “scripted up” by the FBI and other federal authorities.

His outbursts at times include tirades against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Internal Revenue Service, ATF agents and even his own public defenders.

He maintained his innocence, at one point saying he and his family haven’t harmed anyone.

“We bothered no one. We tried to make a place of our home for our kids,” he said.

He acknowledged he was upset. “You’ve taken my wife from me, my home from me, my family from me.”

Vernon, of Salcha, was a foot soldier in the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia, based in Fairbanks.

The militia was headed by Schaeffer Cox, who also was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges. His sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday.

The militia members said they would protect families and property if the federal government collapsed, as members believed could happen with the nation’s economic problems after 2008.

Cox came to the attention of the FBI in late 2009 after speeches in Montana that claimed the militia had 3,500 members and was armed with claymore mines and other military weapons. The claim was a gross exaggeration as the group only had about a dozen members.

As the investigation unfolded over more than a year, the FBI eventually used an informant to infiltrate the group. He recorded more than 100 hours of conversations.

Cox’s trial attorney, Nelson Traverso, claimed the case was an overreach by prosecutors and an attempt to silence Cox and his offensive but protected speech. Appearing before a state judge, Cox said some militia members would sooner murder her than appear before her. He also told an Alaska State Trooper that his militia had the officers outgunned.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Skrocki said that Cox eventually crossed the line separating offhand comments about killing someone to formulation of plans to do so.

The conspiracy to murder, he said during the trial, was manifested by plans Cox made for an armed security detail that Cox solicited to protect him from a Colorado-based FBI hit squad, which officials said doesn’t exist.

The Vernons, Cox and another militia member, Coleman Barney, have been jailed since their arrests in March 2011. Barney was sentenced last year to five years in prison on weapons charges.

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Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 01/08/13 - 11:53 am

Whacko's abound in EVERY AREA of life.
Our responcibility is to partake in OUR Constitutional Rights by obtaining and having at the ready weapons for the protection of State and Nation against both Foriegn & Domestic attacks.
"A well regulated militia being nessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
It is our responcibility to bear arms for the protection against those that would INSLAVE US ALL.
Nutjobs abound in every area or group of people and do or cause harm to the innocent by commiting acts of violence which helps and promotes Governmental crackdowns and pushes forth laws to restrict or strip OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A SOVERIEGN FREE PEOPLE. OUR Forefathers tried to warn us of what was coming by writting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. God has also done the very same by having chosen men write the Bible, Torah all ment to help warn us all of what was coming and how to prepare for it's arrival and the commands to stand and fight against it's evil spread and distruction.
We all need to be packing Guns and Bibles in this fight for the souls of mankind and the Freedoms God wants us all to have, if only we would prepare and accept his provisions for survival. Jesus told his followers to sell their extra robes and buy swords for protection in the fight against evil men who desire to kill and control everywhere on earth.
They will come for OUR GUNS & BIBLES FOLKS.
WE ALL will have to decide to fight or take flight when that evil comes and there is TWO SIDES in this fight. Are you ready?
DO NOT BE DECEIVED, MANY FALSE PROPHETS HAVE COME WITH PROMISES OF A BETTER LIFE OUTSIDE OF WHAT CHRIST JESUS PROMISED ALMOST 2000 YRS AGO. Be very careful who you listen to or follow as nuts like this one abound and are ment for evil, they have SNUCK IN UNAWARE and they are in every area of life and in all groups of ORGANIZED PEOPLE and ALL ment for evil, not good.
It's like wheat and tares, you can't tell the differance until it's time to reveal exactly whats what. Good mixed with Evil. and hard to detect.
I hope i never have to use my weapons against my fellow man. But, if i have to i will fight to protect against evil doers who will use guns or any other weapon to kill and destroy others, no matter the color, age of gender and they must be stopped from succeeding in their evil desires to harm others. If only people would have been packing weapons when nut jobs go off in all the past killings, the amount of killings would have been decreased and evil stopped. The media fails to report this fact in the Oregon mall shooting where a young man was packing and confronted the shooter who fleed and ended his own life due to being confronted by an ARMED AMERICAN USING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
Fight or Flight are the ONLY choices for ALL OF US GOOD AMERICANS.

Norseman 01/08/13 - 05:09 pm
It was surprising how fast so

It was surprising how fast so many were back peddling away from Schaeffer Cox and the Fairbanks militia once the arrests were made.

It wasn't that long ago I remember someone from nikiski, think it was bird, introducing cox at the sports arena, proudly proclaiming a new up and comer. The Nikiski milita were there in full support of cox and his Fairbanks militia. What irked me to no end was his total disrepect for our country when he wouldn't take off that ridiculous cap during the national anthem.

I remember both norm and ray stating they would be found innocent. Oops, I shoulda placed a large bet on that one.

Anyways that chapter is over. Every time we hear about the "militia" it is always some whackjob wanting to either overthrow the government or kill judges and law enforcement.

I applaud the hard work done by our men and women who serve in law enforcement who kept tabs on the militia and prevented another tragedy from occuring. Keep up the good work!
One Alaska militia down, one to go.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 01/08/13 - 08:50 pm
Who is the militia?

Answer: Every single American who can legally own and bear arms, thats who the American Militia is, everyone of us.
Are there Radicals involved in the American militia wanting to do harm to others? Yes, there are radicals, not only in the American militia, but also in EVERY AMERICAN ORGANIZATION, EVEN IN CHURCHES OR GOVERNMENT.
Make no mistake folks as our forefathers said for us to do, own and posess arms and have them at your side ready to use them against evil attackers who would take away your freedoms of life, liberty and the persuit of happyness.
But, while your owning and arming your self for possible troubles from ALL DIRECTIONS OR SOURCES, also pray that you never have to use those arms against another. Prepare for the worst, pray for the best, seems like a very good idea for all GOOD AMERICANS.
They HAVE A DREAM, that Dream is to stip us of all our defences so as to inslave us all if we allow they to take our arms and depend entirely on Govt. or LE or Military to protect and defend us from harm. REALLY? Please explain to me how a few govt. le or military is going to defend all of us against attacks? They can't, nor shall they defend all of us, we must defend ourselves and force them to obey their OATHS of Defending the Constitution against all attacks, both foriegn and domestic. There job, thats ALL THE OATH TAKERS, is to defend the Constitution, not fellow Americans, we should be the ones defending our fellow Americans. If Americans had been doing what our forefathers said for us to do by arming and having those arms at the ready, then i PROMISE YOU the Gabby Gifford shooting and killing of 6 people, or the schools shootings or movie or mall shootings would have resulted in much differant results, if they would have happened at all. When evil knows your ready to stand and fight it it will seek another avenue to try & do harm.
I am not an anarchist or have any desire to over throw OUR Government, but, at the same time i will not surrender my rights to bear arms and protect my fellow Americans against those that would do us all harm, no matter who they might be.
Not looking for trouble, but ready if it comes looking for me or my friend, family or neighbors meaning to do any harm.
People like Cox or those that shoot all the people at the many differant locations are all pawns for the push to regulate our weapons for their forced acceptance by all and hunger for total control of all.
What has been, is what shall be, learn from history or repeat it and it never changes in the circle of life, that is for now. One day this circle of life and the rule of evil men shall come to an end and only rightiousness shall reign with evil judged and delt with immediatly, no excuses for sin against others after this age of Grace has passed.

Raoulduke 01/09/13 - 07:04 am

These people were not arrested for being militia.That would be an infringement of their Constitutional Rights.They were arrested,and convicted for conspiracy to commit murder of Federal officials.Plus stockpiling hand grenades,and noise suppressors.They got exactly what They deserved.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 01/09/13 - 09:03 pm
Article 1 Section 7

VP Joe Biden said today that the Prez and he were contemplating using Executive orders to bypass the Congress and impose Guns laws restricting Americans from our Constitutional Rights of the II Amendment pertaining to our rights to a well regulated militia and the rights to bear arms. Nancy Pelosi wants them to just invoke Article 14, i can't figure out why when i read it.
I'm telling you folks, troubles coming and nut jobs like this story, and senseless killings of others with guns all have helped it come to pass, this push to regulate and restrict our rights and this is just the start if they get our guns, then Bibles will be next and no telling what else. What a mess, this is very upsetting to me and should be very worrisome to all, even gun haters will be crying for help.

Norseman 01/12/13 - 07:41 am
Local militia

As much as the local militia comments on here, I must say I am surprised to hear their silence on this issue.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 01/12/13 - 09:14 am

You just did comment as part of the local militia, and only slammed other local legal gun owners who are the militia!!
Besides that why would common sense people give you fodder for your nonstop tyranical rants against citizens who own guns and stand for the protection of our Nation as well as our Constitutional rights? OOPS, i just did!

As i have said before if your speaking of Norm or Ray. I have only meet Ray once, but i have spent many hours around the table sharing food and scriptures with Norm due to his being a brother in Christ. We have never talked about the militia directly for more than maybe a couple minutes. We have although talked about the need to prepare for all forms of evil attacks here in America from both foriegn & domestic mentioned in the Bible. Attacks from those that would subject us to their uncomprimised rules and laws for a slavery far worse than mankind has ever seen in history past. A slavery from a single world governance which the Bible says is coming in history future and does appear that that day is nigh with every passing days news.
As far as the militia goes if i'm not mistaken, i do BELIEVE that it consists of every day people who were warned, commanded to be on guard, have their guns at their sides watching for for the very same governance that they escaped from when coming to America and realize that it will follow and try to REINSLAVE US ALL AGAIN.
Our forefathers warned us all to be "Watchman on the Walls," looking for that coming troubles so we could help protect our fellow humans against evils desire to kill all of us.
Their warnings fall under the old addage of "What has been, is what shall be, for there is nothing new under the sun."
If you sir were an American freedom fighter as you claim, rather than an exmilitary you would realize exactly what our forefathers said and why we do all the fighting else where in the world to prevent it from coming to America. It is in fact coming to America again, just as we were warned, by our forefathers and by God himself when he gave our forefathers the wisdom to write it down along with the writers of the Bible, all ment to warn us of whats coming and to prepare for it, out of LOVE, not fear.
They will come for our guns, thanks in part to people like Cox and others who are mentally unstable in all their ways and seek to destroy, not preserve life. There is evil all around us in the form of Government as well as every other area of life here in America. Should we march out and seek to kill & destroy these wicked people amungst us? No we should not and who would make the list or decide who is on that list because in reality every one of us is in some form more wicked or confused or nuts than we are. So who desides who is who and on this list as i have asked you before on many other rants of yours against others besides the militia and will you decide alone or may we help you?
Be still while you prepare is my advice and realize that the evil will come, it has no other choice as it knows fully well that there is an appointed time for every thing and evils end is one of those appointed times with it's final single world government and ruler, as well as religion of worship to ruler & government.
Oh sorry for talking to you or giving answer as you have me on the ignore list, the very one you should also belong on due to your posts of nonstop incessant jabber over who is who in this humanity zoo.
Sorry for my incessant jabber about you here, please forgive me.
Keep your powder dry and arms at the ready as troubles coming knocking and it's coming in many forms and no one knows the time of it's arrival.
Be a Watchman on the Wall, looking and waiting and warning others to prepare, "IT'S COMING."

Suss 01/12/13 - 09:26 am
DZ Bill the local supplier

Fulton is now bragging about his role and is trying to jump start a career as an expert in all things militia.

Militia = A salt lick for crazies and government agents.

ANCHORAGE - The head of a security detail for Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller who handcuffed a journalist at a Miller town hall has business ties to Michigan Militia founder Norm Olson.

Olson, who now lives on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, is commander of the paramilitary Alaska Citizens Militia. He says Bill Fulton is his group's supplier of military gear through Fulton's surplus shop in Anchorage.

Olson says Fulton posts comments on the militia's online forum and supports its ideology, but he is "not a uniform-wearing" member.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 01/12/13 - 11:23 am
Suppliers are now gilty?

If the above opinion is an attempt to classify others of evil intent or alliance with the militia as a bad thing for supplying of military supplies, then allow me to ask or point out the following.
Has Americas government ever supplied or financed foriegn militia for the explesite purpose of bringing down parties or govts. that American politicians disagree with? And is the American Government also evil for doing so?
Answer: NONSTOP supplying, providing Billions of dollars to terror groups, as well as massive amounts of weapons to Islamic militia groups who are spreading their death march every where.
We pay and supply foriegn militia to kill our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers world wide NONSTOP. Each one will have to decide if these actions by our Govt. are evil or not.
So please explain to me where the real threat is coming from and who we should really be worried about? Nuts abound in all areas of life, but seem to excell in religion or military areas the most. Our Government is not exempt from nuts that want to kill or force others into their ideal world of Slavery and worship, acceptance of those ideals and are working nonstop to fulfill their DREAMS.
I'm not anti government or anti Prez. Obama, in fact i pray for each as commanded to do while realizing that they all rise and fall in accordance with the eternal plans for the War games we are all in between Good & Evil. I will not stand with anyone that has a desire to overthrow our Government or commit acts of terror against any governmental employees. I will though stand to defend every one when Governments come to remove our freedoms of life, liberty and the persuit of happyness as Free Americans either by religious rights, or gun ownership rights.
I will heed and advise others to do like wise the WARNINGS of what is to come given both by my God and our founding fathers, WARNINGS given out of love and concern knowing what will be if we allow it to come back on us, not WARNINGS of fear, but WARNINGS of preperation.
As i have said before, THANK YOU to ALL who have fought in our nations military on foriegn soil. I also give THANKS in advance to all that are preparing to fight these very same enemies who are coming to OUR SOIL very soon it appears.
Realize this, JUST BECAUSE THEY TOOK THEY OATH TO DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH, MANY DID, MANY DID NOT. You can't tell who is who until their actions reveal their intentions, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, because anyone can say anything at any time, but the proof is in the pudding.
Have a GR8 day and hopefully New Year as we all go foreward.
We need to add sportsmans warehouse or wallmart or Fred Myers, trustworthy, all gun smiths, short stop rat pack or anyone else to the above list of suppliers of militia supplies who sell such things don't we?

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