Kenai man convicted of sexual abuse in Palmer

PALMER — After more than a day of deliberation, a jury on Feb. 15 found a Kenai man guilty of having sex with two Wasilla girls in 2008.


Lyn Roger Christian was convicted of seven counts of first-degree and three counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor, as well as two counts of indecent exposure for having sex with one of the girls and getting the other one to touch him. The girls were between the ages of 7 and 10 at the time.

“I am relieved at the jury’s verdict and I hope that today’s outcome provides closure for the two young victims and helps them heal. I was extremely impressed at the girls’ ability to confront their abuser and bravely tell the truth in court,” said Assistant District Attorney Trina Sears, who prosecuted the case.

Though the abuse happened in 2008, Christian wasn’t arrested until 2011. The abuse happened when Christian was dating the mother of one of the girls. He lived in Kenai, but his work in private security brought him to the Valley, where he met the girl’s mother and would often stay at her house.

The relationship only lasted for a summer, but that was enough time for Christian to abuse his girlfriend’s daughter numerous times.

The other girl was a friend of the child’s who’d stayed over at her house one night. After she realized what Christian was having her do to him she ran out of the room and never came back to the house.

The allegations came to light after the daughter went to therapy. Her therapist alerted authorities, who opened an investigation.

At trial, Christian’s attorney, Bruce Brown, argued that the girl was a precocious child who had learned about sex from her mother’s relationships with men, and knew where to find pornography and sex toys in the house.

He said that the girl’s story changed, that she told authorities Christian was a good man in her first interview but changed her story after her friend made allegations.

However, Brown conceded that his client had made a lot of admissions in a tape-recorded conversation with the girl’s mother.

But he argued that what he had admitted to didn’t add up to sex.

That many charges carry a potential term of decades in prison for Christian, but one of the factors that will likely be considered at his sentencing hearing June 13 is an apparent lack of a criminal history, at least judging by Alaska court records.

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