Seaveys appear on CBS to talk Iditarod records

Still glowing from his recent Iditarod win, a smiling Mitch Seavey appeared on CBS’ This Morning Show on Wednesday with his son Dallas.

The Sterling resident and his son talked about what it takes to run the Iditarod and answered questions from hosts about their relationship and history in the sport. The show played on the angle that the two have broken the youngest to win and oldest to win race records in its history.

“We come by it naturally, of course,” Mitch said when asked if the sport is in their blood. “My dad and Dallas’ grandfather was involved in the first Iditarod and pretty much got us into mushing years and years ago.”

They were also asked why the sport is called mushing, how much is a win the result of the dogs or the musher and what kind and how many dogs run the race? They were also asked how it feels to compete against each other.

“I don’t think we want to beat each other any more than any other musher, but we are both going out there to win the Iditarod,” Dallas said. “We put our entire lives and every year in to get to Nome first and to do that, I’ve got to beat him, he has to beat me. We are best friends off the trail and on the trail, but there’s a point in the race where I may have to pass you. Sorry.”

The interview can be seen here:

— Staff report


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