Skyview celebrates Earth Day

Students raise funds for trees to be planted around the world

Lindsay Fagrelius — Ms. Lindsay to her students — may soon be walking the halls of Skyview High School with a new hair color.


Students from Fagrelius’ science classes at Skyview sold cookies and cupcakes during break, lunch and after school at the Panther Den from Wednesday through Monday — Earth Day — to raise money for the Canopy Project. The organization, sponsored by, plants trees in communities around the world. The students’ goal was to raise $400, one dollar for each person at Skyview.

The money will be donated to the Canopy Project, which will plant one tree for every $1 raised. If the students reach their goal, Fagrelius will dye her hair the color of save-the-planet crusaders — green. Using animal-safe dye, Dharma, Fagrelius’ dog, will be getting a matching hair-do.

Fagrelius researched nonprofits and said the students in her marine biology class thought the Canopy Project was really cool.

“It’s a good cause,” Fagrelius said, “because they put trees in places where they’re needed most.”

Students throughout the school volunteered to help with the project as well.

Mykaela Rybak, a junior in Fagrelius’ anatomy class, is one of those volunteers. “It’s really cool because they (organizers for Canopy Project) mean it when they say every dollar goes to trees,”

“You learn the value of a dollar,” Tiffany Allen, a junior in Fagrelius’ marine biology class, said. “It’s a whole tree you’re planting.”

After selecting where to send the money, Fagrelius let the students come up with their own idea of how to raise the funds. In addition to selling cookies and cupcakes along with some healthy snacks at school, the students also sold snacks at the Skyview talent show on April 17.

“I’m impressed by how they stepped up and have taken charge,” Fagrelius said of her students.

Rybak said the project has “been really fun. … A lot of the parents at the talent show thought it was really cool.” She hopes that next year she’ll get to be a part of an even bigger Earth Day project at Skyview.

This is Fagrelius’ first year teaching at Skyview and she has received a lot of positive feedback from other teachers about first-time project.

“They (other teachers) think it’s awesome and really getting students involved,” Fagrelius said.

Trinity Greenhouse donated marigolds to the student’s cause. As a last hurrah, the students sold the flowers on Earth Day, Monday.

At the beginning of lunchtime on Monday the group had raised $350. With lunch and after school sales, Fagrelius is pretty sure the students reached their goal, but they will be accepting donations today.

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