Man charged with assaulting officers, mother

A Sterling man was arraigned in Superior Court Tuesday at the Kenai Courthouse on three third-degree assault charges. Two of those charges are for assaulting two Sergeants for the Alaska State Troopers. The third assault charge lists the defendant’s mother as the victim.


The public defender entered pleas of not guilty for all three changes on behalf of William Bahl, 36. The defendant’s mother and sister were present and spoke at the arraignment.

“What we’d like to see is for him to be able to get some rehabilitation,” his mother said. “Long term prison, we don’t think will be an asset to him, but we would like to see some rehabilitation so he can be back with his family, his children.”

Charging documents allege on May 23 Bahl was arguing with his mother about who owned the house and property on Marriott Ave., where they both live. His mother called troopers and informed Sgt. Jeremy Grieme that Bahl was allegedly doing spice, and asked Grieme to take Bahl away so she could get the property paperwork out of its hiding place to prove that she owned the property.

According to the documents, Bahl’s mother told Grieme she had not been harmed or threatened by her son and nothing had been broken. She told also told Grieme that other family members were at the house as well.

The affidavit states that when Grieme arrived, he called Bahl’s mother from the bottom of the driveway. She informed Grieme that since they had last talked, Bahl had allegedly gotten a handgun, but he had not threatened her or anyone else. Grieme asked Bahl’s mother to get everyone outside, while he spoke with Bahl. She then gave the phone to Bahl.

In his report, Grieme alleges he proceeded to have a conversation with Bahl, but it the much of Bahl’s responses were illogical. Bahl admitted to using spice or bath salts and to having a firearm. Grieme reported Bahl said whether or not he planned to harm anyone “depended on a few things.” Grieme then talked to Bahl’s mother on the phone again. She said Bahl was no longer in possession of the handgun, and it had been unloaded. She informed Grieme that Bahl was “blocked” from accessing other firearms in the house.

According to the affidavit, Lt. Dane Gilmore and Sgt. James Truesdell arrived. The three officers met Bahl’s mother outside and Grieme and Truesdell entered the home. Upon entering the living room, the troopers saw two men at the bottom of a stairwell at the far side of the room. One of the men was Bahl. The men were allegedly holding a shotgun. The report states that, after some resistance from Bahl, Truesdell, eventually got the gun from him. Grieme unloaded the shotgun while Truesdell handcuffed Bahl.

Bahl’s mother said she was afraid when Bahl retrieved the handgun, and that if he shot at the troopers, she was afraid he would shoot at her too, the charging documents state.

Bahl remains in custody at Wildwood Correctional Center. His next court date is scheduled for July 22.

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