Man arraigned for felony drug and firearm charges

A man charged with four felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance and four felony counts of misconduct involving weapons was arraigned in superior court at Kenai Courthouse on Tuesday. One count charges the man with intent to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine.


Paul Robson, 32, also faces three misdemeanor charges: driving with a canceled, revoked or suspended license and two controlled substance charges.

Pleas of not guilty to all counts were entered by a public defender on behalf of Robson at the arraignment

The charging incident occurred on May 9 when a Kenai police officer pulled Robson over after he exited the Bow Bar parking lot onto Overland Avenue in Kenai, allegedly without stopping.

According to the affidavit filed, Robson explained to the officer that his driver’s license was suspended due to an insurance issue. While the officer was speaking with Robson, the officer noticed a tooter straw in a Crown Royal bag in the pocket of the door.

The documents state the officer questioned Robson about the tooter straw, and Robson told the officer the Land Rover he was driving was not his. Robson gave the tooter straw to the officer as requested. He denied recent drug use and would not consent to a search of the vehicle because it wasn’t his.

The officer arrested Robson for driving with a suspended license, according to the documents. The officer searched Robson’s person and found a single flexeril pill and $1,935.

The passenger in the vehicle was searched and questioned and let go after the officer found nothing of evidentiary value.

A review of insurance paperwork for the Land Rover revealed Robson as the insurer of the vehicle.

Robson was initially charged with one offense — driving with a revoked, suspended or cancelled license — and was released on bail.

The following day, after receiving approval for a search warrant of the vehicle, officers discovered a digital scale with brown residue on the surface, tin foil consistent with being used to ingest controlled substances and four dime bags containing heroine, methamphetamine and cocaine. In a backpack in the vehicle, officers found marijuana, a Springfield Armory XD .40 caliber pistol with a loaded magazine and a second magazine. Under the driver’s seat, officers found a .25 caliber pistol with a loaded round in the chamber and rounds in the magazine.

On May 15 Robson was charged with the other two misdemeanor charges.

He was charged with the eight felony charges on June 7.

Robson remains in custody. His next court date is scheduled for July 22.

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