Man arraigned for allegedly stealing $16,000 of property

A 19-year-old man was arraigned in Superior Court on theft and burglary charges Tuesday at Kenai Courthouse.

Corey S. Green is charged with one count of first-degree burglary, one count of second-degree theft, five counts of second-degree theft of a firearm — all felony charges — and one misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. His public defender entered pleas of not guilty to all charges on his behalf.

According to charging documents filed by Alaska State Troopers, on June 30, troopers received a report of someone entering a Nikiski residence while the owner was not home.

A neighbor informed the investigating trooper that she saw a gold Ford Ranger pickup truck and two men at the residence earlier while the owner was away. The truck was identified as Green’s.

The homeowner informed troopers the men allegedly got into her home through a window on the backside of the house. About $16,000 worth of property is estimated to have been stolen including jewelry, a computer and a speaker system.

The men also allegedly stole a .38 special revolver, a .410 single shot shotgun, a double barrel shotgun, a single shot shotgun and a .22 long rifle.

When the investigating trooper located the Ford Ranger and attempted to make contact, a man walking into the nearby woods fled. Another man remained on scene, and said he didn’t know the man who ran into the woods. He told the trooper the truck belonged to Green.

As the trooper and the man were talking, Green walked on scene. He consented to allowing the trooper to search his vehicle. The trooper allegedly found several items the break-in victims had reported as stolen.

According to the report, Green identified the man who ran into the woods only as James. He told the trooper James loaded several bags into his pickup, and Green assumed the items in the bags were stolen.

The affidavit alleges investigation revealed Green unlawfully entered the Nikiski residence and took the items reported as stolen.

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