Stroh appointed to Kenai council student seat

Kenai City council swore in at its Wednesday night meeting its new student representative, Courtney Stroh.


A Kenai Central High School senior, Stroh, 17, founded ROC the Kenai three years ago. The organization, its title an acronym for “respect our community,” raises awareness about the filthy condition the city’s dipnet fishery falls into most seasons.

Stroh has addressed the council several times regarding the dipnet fishery, and she said she wants to improve the fishery during her time on council.

Stroh said her time served on the organization has given her a perspective that will allow her to better represent the dipnet fishery. She looks forward to representing her students and the community, too, she said.

Currently, Stroh and Blair Martin, of Diamond M. Ranch, are composting fish waste to create plant fertilizer, she said. Martin said their original goal was to collect the city’s dipnet fish waste, but little was generated this year.

The two are searching for a machine that will bag and label the compost and vendors to buy the compost, she said.

Now a student representative, Stroh’s younger sister is leading ROC the Kenai, Stroh said.

The newly appointed student representative also looks forward to learning how the city’s council functions, she said.

“I remember when I came to present my ROC the Kenai to the council when I was a freshman,” she said.

She saw the current student representative sitting with the council members and thought: “That is so cool. I want to be able to do that.”

And each year her desire grew, she said.

Now she’s shocked, she said.

“I can’t believe how fast it’s gone,” she said.

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