Soldotna council moves through its work

Soldotna City Council unanimously passed every action item on Wednesday’s agenda.

The council voted on amending municipal code, making an exception to an employment term and entering multiple construction contracts.

Code changes were made to four chapters in relation to city departments and seven chapters were adopted. Multiple departments had not been updated in “many years,” Ordinance 2013-025 reads. There had also been structural changes that needed to be addressed and the amendments to the code reflect those changes.

“This is just really a house cleaning project,” City Manager Mark Dixson said.

Council voted to extend a Utility Department employee’s six-month position to a temporary one.

The city will enter contracts with construction companies after council approved three resolutions to do so.

G & H Construction was awarded a $112,402.50 contract for Brooks Avenue, Green Valley Street and Cohoe Street drainage improvements.

Council approved entering a second contract to G & H Construction for Swiftwater Park clearing and Griffin Street drainage improvements in the amount of $158,428. The clearing project will begin a gravel road and RV site expansion. The monies for the projects come from the capital projects fund.

Endries Company was awarded contract for the Sterling Highway Pavement Repair project in the amount of $62,000. The project will repair damage from a water main break. Even though Sterling Highway is state right of way because it was the city’s water main that ruptured and caused the damage, the city is responsible for the repairs. The city’s insurance company will fully reimburse the project cost, Kyle Kornelis, city engineer said.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Sept. 25.