Motorists to see turning restrictions at Spur and Sterling

As the end of construction season creeps closer, motorists in Soldotna can expect some delays and detours at the Kenai Spur and Sterling Highway intersection.

Crews will be paving the intersection Sunday and Monday, and drivers can expect restrictions when turning at the intersection, Jennifer Morigeau, engineer for Granite Construction, said.

“Typical, normal vehicular traffic, we will be able to route around,” Morigeau said. “(Drivers) will be able to get where they’re going, it just might take a bit.”

Trucking companies are being asked to re-route drivers to Kalifornsky Beach Road.

She said traffic driving through the intersection on the Sterling shouldn’t see restrictions during the paving.

The intersection paving was tentatively scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but was pushed back because of rain.

Crews will be paving the far right lane going toward Kenai of the Spur between East Marydale Drive and Spruce Avenue on Saturday. Morigeau said this paving is to test the mix for the intersection.

“Once we get that approved, we’ll set foot in the intersection … and get that knocked out,” she said.

The Department of Transportation project started in August with under pavement utility work and preparation for the new pavement.

Morigeau said the paving will be done by Oct. 1, but crews may have to do temporary striping this season and come back next year to do permanent striping, depending on the weather.

“The weather has definitely delayed paving and, well, everything,” Morigeau said. She estimates the project has experienced at least a week’s worth of delays because of rain.

Many of this season’s undertakings by DOT on the Peninsula were resurfacing or pavement preservation projects. DOT spokesperson Jill Reese said many paving projects were pushed back due to rain, and crews are pushing to complete construction. But she thinks they will have enough time to finish this season’s projects.

“Everything should be closed out by the time the snow flies,” Reese said.

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