Kenai re-elects Porter

The final ballots were reviewed Tuesday and numbers show voters re-elected Mayor Pat Porter to serve the City of Kenai.

Porter received 633 total votes, and candidate Bob Molloy came in at 600 for a 33-vote difference.

At the close of the Oct. 1 Election Day, Porter had a 32-vote lead on Molloy. The winner of the mayoral race came down to the review of absentee, electronic, questionable and personal representative ballots. Eighty of those votes were for Porter, and Molloy received 79.

Porter has served at Kenai mayor for three 3-year terms.

“I’m just excited,” Porter said about her re-election. “I’m very excited to continue to represent our citizens.”

In her upcoming term, Porter wants to “move Kenai in a forward, positive direction” by taking care of quality of life issues and encouraging community growth that will allow younger generations to stay in Kenai.

Molloy has served about eight years on the Kenai council, and said he looks forward to working with Porter, council and administration in the future. He said he’s appreciative to all Kenai voters.

“Just want to thank all the voters who voted in regular election and by absentee ballot, and congratulate Mayor Porter on her re-election,” Molloy said. 

Porter also expressed her gratitude to Kenai residents.

“I would just like to thank the citizens of Kenai for continuing to have confidence in me as the mayor of their ‘All-America City,’” Porter said.

Votes will be certified and elected council members, Brian Gabriel Sr. and Terry Bookey, and re-elected Mayor Porter will take oaths of office and be sworn in at the regular 7 p.m. council meeting on Oct. 16. Vice mayor will also be elected at the meeting, Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh said.


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