Mystery Creek road to close

Refuge managers Thursday announced the seasonal closure of Mystery Creek Road and Pipeline road.


As the weather worsens, conditions on the road have deteriorated to the point that vehicles are getting stuck or needing to be winched out, the road closure is typical of the season and will likely extend through August 2014.

The closure will begin at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.

Kelly Modla, federal wildlife officer, said typically the people who are using the road this time of year are hunters and as the weather gets wetter, the road gets worse.

“The hunting season is over with other than subsistence hunts,” she said. “If you’re out there after it’s been wet, it should give people pause when they start hitting water, if they’re crossing the creek or they’re crossing these long, large puddles. It wouldn’t be the place to be with a vehicle.”

While the gate will be closed, making vehicle access difficult, people will still be able to access the roads on foot or horseback.

Refuge officers will check for vehicles before closing the road according to a news release.

To access the road, visitors can park at Mile 63 of the Sterling Highway in the gravel pit and walk to the road as parking near the entrance of the road is limited.

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