Annual HEA energy fair appeals to the young

It took him two tries but Osric White finally guessed the correct answer to a puzzle designed to encourage kids to stop being “energy hogs” in their homes.


White and at least 30 other kids and parents sat in the Kenai Middle School Library watching a presentation on conserving energy in the home as part of the Homer Electric Association’s annual Energy and Conservation Fair.

The Alliance to Save Energy presented “Energy Hog Busters,” to the gathered kids and garnered plenty of laughs with a large leather-clad hog complete with earring, devil-may-care attitude and a small curly tail coming out of his blue jeans.

He was a hit with several kids who could not stop giggling at his antics.

“This was my first time knowing what an energy hog was,” said White who thought he could turn his Xbox 360 off when he was not playing with it to conserve energy.

In other parts of the school display’s from HEA’s student contest held limerick’s like one on reusing which read “There once was a kid named Kelly who ate a whole jar of jelly. She reused the jar to hold flowers, with her recycling star powers and now her room is not so smelly.”

Another student changed the words to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” to “Eye on Efficiency” for the fourth year of HEA’s student contest which encourages youth in kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms to write poems, music or plays, create games and share their thoughts about electrical energy and conservation.

This year 140 students entered said Tanya Lautaret, members services supervisor with HEA.

The first place students won kindles while second place students were given $25 gift cards.

“Our goal is to teach kids about conservation and efficiency,” said Heather Smith, member services assistant with HEA.

Smith stood in a kid’s zone set in one corner of the Kenai Middle School cafeteria where more than 60 kids stopped by throughout the day to color, play a question-and-answer game or sit down to a computer game that exhorted them to turn out lights and conserve energy in the home.

The day also included plenty of information for adults as well as hot dogs and popcorn for meal breaks.

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 29 vendors inside the school’s gym gave attendees information about energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability.

Another energy fair is scheduled Saturday Nov. 9 at Homer Elementary School.


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