Kenai Council to discuss contract with Copper River Seafoods, Inc.

File photo/Peninsula Clarion In this July 26, 2011 file photo workers from Copper River Seafoods use a portable wet pump to vacuum salmon from a fishing tender berthed at the Kenai city dock.

City administration is recommending the Kenai City Council approve a $65,000 a year contract with Copper River Seafoods, Inc., to use cranes, offices and operating area at the Kenai Boating Facility.


If approved Copper River Seafoods, the current operator of the facility, will be awarded a contract until May 24, 2017 with the option to extend the lease for up to two more years.

“Copper River Seafoods has been a great partner down there,” said Public Works Director Sean Wedemeyer.

According to his memo to the city manager, Wedemeyer made extensive changes to the conditions of the contract over the past two years. “It used to be that we charged the leaseholder or the permit holder ... they used to get charged a per pound depending on how much fish they brought across the dock,” he said. “We also charged separately for using the anchors that were out in the river and we didn’t really have any language in there about the cranes and whose responsibility they were to keep maintained.”

According to the contract, the city will pay for normal wear and tear to the cranes but will charge the contractor for any deficiencies beyond that during the annual crane certification.

The contract grants non-exclusive use of the facilities to the lessee and contains language granting the emergency use of the cranes to city employees and emergency personnel.

The council will also hold a public hearing on moving $9,000 from the municipal roadway improvements fund to the water, sewer and street improvements capital projects fund to help buy a portable generator to power water and sewer assets during power failures.

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