3 indicted on heroin charges

The woman charged with attempted murder in November for shooting at another vehicle at the Walmart parking lot, according to Kenai Police, has been indicted on drug-related charges from an Oct. 30 incident.


Ashley A. Nelund, 27, of Sterling, is scheduled to be arraigned in Kenai Superior Court at the Kenai Courthouse next week for two felony charges, second-degree and fourth-degree controlled substance misconduct for delivering and possessing heroin.

Paul R. Wilson, 37, and Jennifer L. Carr, 33, are co-defendants in the case. Wilson faces the same two charges as Nelund as well as tampering with evidence and a second fourth-degree substance misconduct charge for delivering buprenorphine. Carr faces a fourth-degree controlled substance misconduct charge for heroin possession, according to a Dec. 2 indictment.

According to the charging document filed on Oct. 31 by Kenai Police, the Kenai Fire Department and Kenai Police Department responded to an Ames Road home for a report of a heroin overdose. Officers found Carr unconscious on a bed with a syringe next to her. The fire department treated Carr and when she regained consciousness, she told police Wilson and injected her with heroin.

Wilson denied using heroin and injecting Carr with heroin. He told police he had been in the office of the home and found Carr unconscious on the bed in the basement. In the office, police say they found a tooter straw, a cotton ball, tin foil, a needle cap and burn residue on a piece of notebook paper. Officers also found a dime bag of heroin in the bedroom, according to the report.

Carr was interviewed at Central Peninsula Hospital. She said Nelund had come over to the house and spoke in the office with Wilson where he bought the heroin. Carr said she went into the office after Nelund left. Wilson had two needles filled with heroin and told her to pick one. She did and held out her right arm and Wilson injected her with heroin. She said she laid down on the bed and had a hard time keeping her eyes open. She said the next thing she knew people were calling her name and she saw a police officer, according to the report.

Nelund and Wilson are scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court on Dec. 10. Carr is scheduled for Superior Court arraignment on Dec. 17, according to state court databases.

Wilson and Nelund are being held at Wildwood Correctional Complex. A summons was issued on Monday for Carr, according to state court databases.

Nelund has not been indicted on charges from the Nov. 1 shooting at Walmart.


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