Magic Ave. to see 200K in improvements

The Kenai City Council Wednesday voted to award a contract to Nelson Engineering for the design and construction inspection of a construction and paving project on Magic Ave., and improvements to nearby Dabuenspeck Park picnic shelters.

The $29,184 contract is for the design, construction contract administration and inspection services on the project — the final cost of the project was estimated by City Manager Rick Koch to be around $200,000.

Council members discussed the project at length before ultimately voting to approve the contract — Terry Bookey and Bob Molloy voted against the measure.

The project would provide another entrance to the city’s new shop which is currently being constructed.

The item was originally on the council’s consent agenda however Bookey asked for it to be removed.

“We have current access (to the shop) off of marathon road, what’s the need to create secondary access,” he said.

Koch said the current access to the shop was a driveway and the actual platted right of way for the shop was Magic Avenue.

Bookey asked which park improvements were going to be done as the funding for the project will come from Park Improvement funds.

According to a memo from acting public works director Larry Floyd the parking lot and picnic shelters at Daubenspeck park will be upgraded.

After the meeting, Bookey said he was concerned that upgrades to the road — which runs parallel to Wal-Mart’s parking lot — would add further industrial traffic to an area that is already heavily trafficked.

“This could cause city apparatus to cut through the Wal-Mart parking lot,” he said. “It’s a safety concern.”

He questioned whether city funds could be better spent developing a different access to the city’s shop away from Daubenspeck Park.

“I don’t know if we want an industrial property 150 feet from park land,” he said.


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