Woman escapes from assailant in her home

A 23-year-old Soldotna woman broke free from an armed man who cut the power to her home early Friday morning before entering for what police believe was attempted rape.


Police allege that Shane A. Heiman, 38, entered a home on Tobacco Lane sometime before 3 a.m. and entered the room of his intended victim with a knife intending to rape her. Heiman was arrested after leaving the scene and charged with first-degree sexual assault, third-degree assault, first-degree burglary and resisting arrest.

If convicted on all charges, Heiman faces more that 30 years in prison.

The woman woke when she felt her blanket being pulled away. Still drowsy, she said “excuse me” to a man standing at the foot of her bed, according to an affidavit filed in Kenai Superior Court Friday. The man wore a headlamp and carried a 4- or 5-inch knife, according to police.

After freeing herself from a wrist grab, the woman ran for the door and was stopped by Heiman who pinned her against he wall and held the knife to her belly, according to police. According to court papers, she then pushed her attacker away and continued to struggled with him as she pushed her way through an open door, jumped off a deck and ran to her brother’s home next door. Once safely there, the family called 911 to report the incident.

During an interview at her brother’s home, the woman told police that her alleged attacker looked like a man that had worked on the home several months before, but that she had not seen him in a while.

The woman named Heiman as the potential attacker before police found him several miles away form the crime scene along Ski Hill Road heading in the direction of Funny River Road. Police stopped Heiman and in his truck found a headlamp and an empty sheath for a hunting knife.

Badly shaken up, the woman only sustained a light injury to her knee from the jump off the deck during her escape, police said.

Heiman was arraigned in Kenai Superior Court Friday.

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