CPH New Year baby delivered almost 1 week before due date

Jessie Huett holds daughter Calliope, Central Peninsula Hosptial's first baby of the New Year born on Jan. 2, 2014. Photo by Kaylee Osowski/Peninsula Clarion

Jessie Huett’s due date was today — Jan. 8 — but apparently her baby didn’t want to wait that long.


Instead, Calliope Isolde Huett decided to vie for the title of Central Peninsula Hospital’s first baby of 2014.

Jessie Huett’s labor began at the couple’s Dawson Circle Road home outside of Kenai at about 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 1. She and her husband Robbie Huett didn’t realize they might have the first baby of the New Year until they were on their way to the hospital.

When the couple got to CPH, Jessie Huett said the nurses were excited and told them the hospital hadn’t delivered the first baby of the year yet.

More than 24 hours after her labor started, Jessie Huett gave birth to a 5-pound, 8-ounce, 19-inch long baby girl at 10:42 p.m. on Jan. 2.

The Huetts had a list of names, Jessie Huett said, and chose Calliope — Calli for short.

“We try to be pretty unique,” Robbie Huett said about the name.

CPH spokesperson, Camille Sorensen, said over the weekend the hospital had a “full house” of babies. Women’s Way Midwifery in Soldotna saw its first two babies of 2014 on Saturday.

Calliope has two older sisters, 9-year-old Taylor and 18-month-old Erin. Jessie Huett said Taylor was staying with her grandparents when she went into labor, but Erin got to come to the delivery, even though it was past her bedtime.

“It was cool, she got to stay up late,” Jessie Huett said.

The Huetts brought Calliope home on Saturday and Robbie Huett, operations and sales director at Industrial Instrument Service Company in Kenai and business student at Kenai Peninsula College, said he was able to work remotely for the week to help with Calliope’s first few days at home.

Jessie Huett, a stay-at-home-mom, said adjusting to having a newborn in the house has been the hardest on Erin.

Erin likes to try to share her snacks and toys with Calliope, Jessie Huett said, but not her mama time.

“She’s used to having her mama all to herself,” Robbie Huett said.

Calliope isn’t the only one in the family with a holiday-related birth. Big sister Taylor’s birthday is on the summer solstice and Jessie Huett when into labor with Erin on Father’s Day in 2012 and gave birth to her the next day.


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