Fire destroys Sterling home

An early morning fire totaled a Sterling trailer home today. 

Central Emergency Services were dispatched to the Scooter Court home at about 2:30 a.m. When crews arrived, the trailer was fully involved in the blaze and the roof was partially collapsed, according to a CES press release.

The sole occupant of the trailer received minor burns after trying to battle the fire on his own, and was assessed and released on scene, according to the release. 

CES spokesperson Brad Nelson said it is yet to be determined how the man tried to put out the fire and if he called 911 before or after trying to knock it down. 

“The biggest thing is to call us first,” Nelson said.

He said trying fight the fire before calling 911 can waste time if it turns out it can’t be extinguished without emergency crews.

If after calling 911 the fire is still in the beginning stages, Nelson said people can try to fight it. But if the fire can’t be put out with more than a “quick puff of an extinguisher,” he said to let firefighters handle it.

He also said with many items in homes made out of plastic, the smoke from fires is poisonous and can overwhelm people easily if they try to fight a fire themselves.

The trailer home did not have smoke alarms, which Nelson said in any fire helps with early detection. 

The home was valued at $43,000 and is estimated to be a total loss, according to the release. 

Firefighters extinguished the blaze at about 3:20 a.m., and prevented it from spreading to other buildings and vehicles.

Seven fire apparatus vehicles and 16 personnel responded to the scene, Nelson said.

Crews are continuing investigating the fire today, but preliminary investigation shows the fire likely began near the wood stove in the home.


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